Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo Wood spotted a UFO while they were on holiday in Brazil.

The 62-year-old former model has claimed the couple have seen evidence of aliens, recalling the time when she was looking after their three kids - Jamie, 42, Leah, 39, and Tyrone, 33 - and the Rolling Stones rocker started screaming for her to look at ''something weird'' on the horizon.

She said: ''I was in Recife in Brazil with Ronnie and our kids.

''Ronnie was out wandering around and he started shouting. 'Jo, Jo, come here, come here, there's something weird over by the sea'.''

When Jo joined Ronnie - who she was married to from 1985 until 2011 - they saw what they thought was a spaceship hovering over the sea and beaming lights, before it whizzed off into the sky.

Speaking as part of Peter Andre's new segment on 'This Morning', Jo explained: ''Above the sea was this massive thing and the lights came down. It just suddenly went and stopped and then went... It was gone, just like that.''

Peter, 44, admitted that he had never seen an unidentified flying object, but he has often witnessed strange lights in the sky that dart about quickly and are completely unexplained.

The pop star admitted he had no understanding for what he's seen, saying it simply ''blew'' his mind.

He said: ''What I saw was unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it, they were erratic - objects going from one point in the sky to the other in split seconds, disappearing and reappearing. It blew my mind.''