Ronnie Wood went a little bit ga-ga after the breakdown of his 17 year marriage to Jo Wood, after he left her for the very young Ekaterina Ivanova. He'd already had a very difficult five years with the death of his two brothers, so a late mid-life crisis wasn't all that surprising. However, his life and his sanity now seem back on track having got married for the third time, to Sally Humphreys. 

Sally must be pretty good because Wood's sons approve of her. Despite her being over 30 years his junior (he's 65, she's 34), Wood told Hello Magazine, "I wish I'd met Sal earlier. I can't think of another girl more suited to me." The marriage creates an entirely new family for the old rocker, which he's more than pleased about, "'It was a wonderful day. She looked beautiful walking through that doorway. I feel very blessed to have a new family. My dad and brothers are no longer with us so it's really nice to be welcomed by a new gang. Her relatives are lovely." 

The couple have known each other for years, but it took a while for them to finally get together, as Humphreys explains: "'Ronnie was married and then Ronnie wasn't married. I have had boyfriends, then I didn't have a boyfriend. It had to wait until everyone was clear. But I definitely feel like I have ended up in the right place." 

Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart, best friends of Wood, were at the ceremony as best men, both of whom apparently full support the pairing. "They have always been very supportive of me and Sally," Wood said.