Ronnie Wood nearly fainted on stage last night (19.10.10) because he was playing so hard.

The 'Spoonful' singer played a pair of intimate shows at the Ambassador Theatre in London yesterday evening to showcase tracks from his latest solo album 'I Feel Like Playing' and after coming off stage he revealed he almost passed out midway through.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "My legs! I nearly fainted, honestly, during the fourth song, because you don't breathe, and you're thinking of the chords and the words, and singing ... I felt, Phew!

"I did it before, once, on radio, I was singing and all of a sudden I was thinking, 'I'm gonna f***ing die!' and so I had to breathe and felt like I was going to keel over.

"It was like that there for a little bit, but then, I thought, 'Breathe, you'll come out of it.' It's a hell of a thing. Even though it's such a small theatre, it doesn't matter, it could have been a stadium or anything."

Between the fourth and fifth songs, the 63-year-old rocker looked visibly out of breathe and took a minute to regain his composure before the next song, uttering a few expletives to the crowd.

The Rolling Stones guitarist was introduced by 'Sex And The City' actor Chris Noth and was backed by a band including his son Jesse James Wood.

The set saw Ronnie joined by several special guests, including Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones and soul singers Beverley Knight and Mica Paris; while former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff Mckagan looked on from the crowd and Ronnie's girlfriend Ana Araujo.

A number of songs were accompanied by improvised instruments made from everyday items played by the cast of musical 'Stomp'.

Despite losing his breath, Ronnie insisted he'd had a great time at the show.

He said: "But just being on stage again, my fingers are throbbing like Popyeye! It's great doing my own show, its' like doing a painting, it's like, 'This is mine.'

"I just played more or less a whole set of never heard before songs. I was honoured that the crowd liked it."