Ronnie Wood's ''idea of heaven'' is cuddling up with his family.

The 69-year-old musician believes nothing ''tops'' cosying up with his wife Sally Humphreys and their nine-month-old twin daughters Gracie and Alice because his tiny tots are ''so cuddly and gorgeous''.

Speaking about his favourite family moment, The Rolling Stones band member - who also has children Jamie, 42, Jesse, 40, Leah, 38, and Tyrone, 33, - told Hello! magazine: ''Any time I'm with her and the girls, that's the best for me, nothing tops it.

''When the twins come into our bed and we're all snuggled up together, that, for me, is wonderful - my idea of heaven. It's special. The girls are so cuddly and gorgeous. I'm a lucky man.

''I'm the burper, walker, nappy changer and I'm still trying to work out when I can get to sleep in between all that.

''I have played the guitar to them and when I get round to it I will do some drawings. At the moment I'm just soaking up every moment we have.''

And Ronnie's 39-year-old partner has revealed their children get ''so excited'' when they see their father.

Sally explained: ''When they see Ronnie, they get so excited. You can see it on their faces: 'Yay, it's you!'.''