Ronnie Wood thinks a valve in his brain stopped him from overdosing.

The 73-year-old rock star thinks he's only alive today because the valve prevented him from going too far amid his notorious drink and drugs binges.

Ronnie told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Luckily I had a valve that cut off, if it was going to be too much in my body, that said 'no, don't go over, don't cross this line, otherwise you will not make it'.

''It was always ever present that it could be a stopping point or too much. If I do not control this then I would shoot off the edge of the precipice.''

The Rolling Stones rocker previously admitted his life is ''better'' now he's sober.

Ronnie quit drugs and alcohol a decade ago and insisted he still has as much of a ''great time'' now as he did when he was known for his wild partying.

He said: ''I got clean! My life's better now. [Was I ready to get clean?] Yes I was. I don't have any bitterness or anger. I'm wiser now; I had a great time and I still do, but in a different way.''

Ronnie finds it easier to stay sober because he isn't surrounded by people drinking and taking drugs.

The veteran musician admitted: ''There was a time when everyone I was around was doing drugs and drink, it was everywhere.

''It's not like that now, I focus on my recovery books, I speak to other ex addicts. I'm happy how I am and glad I'm around for my family now.''

Ronnie has had a lot of ''close calls'' with his drink and drug abuse and thinks they could all have been avoided.

He said: ''I know there were times when I could have been a bit more careful.

''There were close calls and I suppose if I'd been using my brain properly they wouldn't have been so close.''