Ronnie Wood, who wedded his girlfriend of six months Sally Humphries earlier this week, has announced what he plans to happen next in his still young relationship - he wants children.

The Rolling Stones guitarist wed for the third time to Humphries on Friday (21 Dec). At 34, his new wife is 31 years his junior, and already Ronnie wants someone even younger in his life. Luckily for Sally though, the legendary ladies' man doesn't want a younger beau, but instead a brood of children. Speaking to the Sunday People, a close friend of the newlyweds said, "Sally has always wanted to have children and thinks Ronnie will be a great dad to them now he's settled down. They have enjoyed being by ­themselves and have a real laugh but a baby is something they both really want in the near future."

Ronnie apparently took inspiration from his close friends and groomsmen at the wedding, Rod Stewart and Sir Paul McCartney, to set up a family with his young wife, much in the same way as they have done (particularly Rod). The source added: "Ronnie thinks the world of Rod and they spend a lot of time together. There isn't really any pressure to have kids, but it seems like the natural thing to do. The feeling is that if Rod can do it, so can Ronnie."

Whilst we at Contact Music are happy for Ronnie and everything happening in his world at the moment, maybe it's best if he slows down for now and waits a little longer before he has kids. After all, he isn't a young man anymore.