Ronnie Wood could be set to reunite with his wife, according to friends.

The Rolling Stones guitarist's romance with Ekaterina Ivanova - who he left his wife Jo Wood for last July - is reportedly in trouble and he has now moved out of the London house he shares with the 20-year-old Russian beauty.

Pals are now predicting the 62-year-old musician could reconcile with Jo, with one saying: "Jo is very fond of Ronnie. I wouldn't rule out seeing them back together - but she won't rush back.

"I understand Ronnie's problems with his girlfriend were caused by his plans to have a meal with Jo. Ekaterina was having none of it and exploded."

Despite Ronnie's relationship problems, 54-year-old Jo has refused to comment publicly on the situation because she still has a "soft spot" for him.

However, privately she is said to have told him: "I warned you this would happen."

Police were called to Ronnie and Ekaterina's home on Monday (14.09.09) following a furious row in which she threatened to kill herself, leading to speculation their relationship is over.

Yesterday (17.09.09), removal men were seen moving Ronnie's belongings, including guitars, furniture and other personal items, out of the home they shared.

It has also emerged that Ronnie has lavished over £400,000 worth of gifts on Ekaterina, according to accounts from his firm Rockyarch Ltd.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Ronnie has always been one to flash the cash - but even by his standards he's really been on a spree recently.

"He's been on holidays, rented homes and given Ekaterina a wardrobe of designer clothes."

Ronnie and Jo were married for 23 years before he walked out on her last year.