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5th April 2016

Quote: "We went in to cut some new songs, which we did but we got on a blues streak. We cut 11 blues (songs) in two days. They are extremely great cover versions of Howlin' Wolf and Little Walter, among other blues people. But they really sound authentic... When we heard them back after not hearing them for a couple of months, we were, 'Who's that?' It sounded so authentic." Ronnie Wood reveals the Rolling Stones are working on a new blues album.

7th October 2015

Quote: "Apart from being nervous and playing in front of a panel, they play in front of millions and millions of people. It's bad for their ego if they don't make it, or if they make a mistake... I'm amazed more people don't commit suicide, do you know what I mean?" Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood is not a fan of reality singing competition shows.

18th September 2015

Tweet: "Watching @ITVRugby #RugbyWorldCup Good luck to all the players as the rugby gets underway #England." Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood is cheering on England as the Rugby World Cup gets underway in London on Friday (18Sep15).

19th May 2015

Tweet: "My hair is the biggest gift anyone could ever be born with. I cut it almost every day because it's hard to tame, like my nails they keep growing so fast, like my hair, it grows so fast." Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood on his hair upkeep.

1st May 2015

Quote: "Sometimes I feel that my whole career with The Birds, Jeff Beck and The Faces was one long audition to join The Rolling Stones. I still think of myself as a fan as much as a band member. When I first heard their stirring music coming from the tent at the Richmond Jazz And Blues festival in 1963 something happened inside me and I knew that was the band I wanted to be in. The thought of being in the Stones is what gave me the drive to carry on." Ronnie Wood on his early dreams of becoming a member of the ROLLING STONES.

27th February 2015

Fact: Rocker Ronnie Wood's daughter-in-law Fearne Cotton has announced she's leaving her BBC Radio 1 show after a decade with the station to concentrate on motherhood, among other things. The revered British broadcaster is pregnant with her second child and the father is Ronnie's son Jesse. The news of Cotton's departure comes just days after top Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe revealed plans to quit his popular evening show.

12th February 2015

Quote: "We had a meeting in New York with the boys, and we’re gonna come to North America again in the summer." Ronnie Wood teases U.S. Rolling Stones fans with possible 2015 dates during an interview with GMI Rock News.

5th September 2014

Quote: "I should have got the knighthood award. I should get one anyway." Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood wants to become a 'Sir'.

16th April 2014

Quote: "My old man is tight. I'd say, 'Dad, I'm going out', and he'd give me a tenner (£10). That's why I was always hustling from a young age, so I wouldn't have to ask him for nothing." Ronnie Wood's son Jamie sold drugs at school due to his dad's frugal ways. The art gallery owner, 39, was expelled from school aged 16 for selling cannabis to classmates.

21st March 2014

Tweet: "Our thoughts & prayers are with Mick & L'Wren's family & friends at this incredibly devastating & difficult time." Ronnie Wood offers his condolences to bandmate Mick Jagger following the suicide of his girlfriend L'Wren Scott on Monday (17Mar14).

13th December 2013

Tweet: "Thanks all of you for your lovely messages!! I'm a lucky man!!" Ronnie Wood's son Jesse Wood thanks fans for their kind words after becoming engaged to his pregnant girlfriend. He proposed to Tv/radio personality Fearne Cotton over the weekend (07-08Dec13).

13th December 2013

Tweet: "So happy for my son @JesseWood & @Fearnecotton on their engagement ~ congratulations." Ronnie Wood responds to the news his son Jesse has proposed to Bbc radio personality Cotton.

11th October 2013

Quote: "While the big wheel is rolling we are going to capture it before it stops totally." Ronnie Wood hints that The Rolling Stones will hit the road for a world tour in 2014. The rockers celebrated their 50th anniversary with huge concerts in London, New York, and New Jersey last year (12).

14th July 2013

Fact: Ronnie Wood celebrated The Rolling Stones' summer shows with a new hound - the rocker posted a photo of himself cradling an adorable puppy on on Sunday (14Jul13) and wrote, "Introducing Miss Dolly Howlin' Wolf Wood".

12th July 2013

Tweet: "Been out walking in Hyde Park today - it was great to chat to so many people about last week's gig. Looking forward to tomorrow." Ronnie Wood checks out the site of the Rolling Stones' big London date on Saturday (13Jul13).

5th July 2013

Quote: "Prince Harry was watching side of stage and he introduced me to his girlfriend and I gave her a cuddle and he said 'Oi, get your hands off my bird (girlfriend)'. But it was great to see him again." Ronnie Wood received a royal warning at Britain's Glastonbury festival last weekend (28-30Jun13) when Prince Harry introduced the star to his new girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

31st May 2013

Tweet: "Getting ready to head to the gig - and also for my birthday tomorrow!!!!!!" Ronnie Wood has a big weekend planned as he prepares for Friday night's (31May13) Rolling Stones concert in Chicago, Illinois, where Sheryl Crow will join the rockers onstage.

20th May 2013

Quote: "It was hard at first, but now it's like looking at an old pair of slippers." Ronnie Wood's ex-wife Jo no longer breaks down at the sight of the Rolling Stones rocker, who divorced the 58 year old in 2011.

10th May 2013

Tweet: "Thank you @ArqivaAwards for our nomination - Specialist Programme of the Year, The Ronnie Wood Show." Ronnie Wood is celebrating on tour with the Rolling Stones after learning his Absolute Radio show has been nominated for an Arqiva Award for the third successive year.

8th May 2013

Quote: "I had an operation a year ago, where they had to open my foot up and refill the hole in the bone with parts of my knee and hip. It took really well and has healed, but I still have to be careful with standing too long." Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has bounced back from major foot surgery to tour again.

7th May 2013

Tweet: "Keith (Richards) said we sound like a dodgy firm of lawyers 'Waits, Watts & Wood'. We're ready for business..." Ronnie Wood contemplates a legal career with Rolling Stones bandmate Charlie Watts and pal Tom Waits, the group's Sunday night (05May13) guest onstage in Oakland, California.

6th May 2013

Quote: "Hugh has been hanging out with Ronnie and they have been having a great time. They met doing charity work and Ronnie told Hugh how much they loved Downton. Apparently they were stopping rehearsals on Sunday nights in time to get back to watch it." Laura Carmichael was amazed to learn the Rolling Stones are huge fans of her period drama Downton Abbey after her co-star Hugh Bonneville struck up a friendship with drummer Ronnie Wood.

12th April 2013

Quote: "There may have been a slight twist of the arm... I thought it would be well worth doing... Something we owed to the people - I think - to get in there amongst the muck and bullets and be part of the atmosphere there. I think the Stones would be perfect there." Ronnie Wood admits he was the driving force behind The Rolling Stones' decision to headline this year's (13) Glastonbury festival in Britain.

12th April 2013

Fact: The Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood launched a new art exhibition in London this week (beg08Apr13) of paintings depicting his bandmates.

8th April 2013

Tweet: "Having a easy day and doing a bit of a practise for the new dates coming up". Veteran rocker Ronnie Wood spends his Sunday (07Apr13) running through songs on his guitar ahead of the Rolling Stones' upcoming tour.

8th February 2013

Quote: "There was (sic) only 35 people there, and it was quite an unusual event. I've known Ronnie for 12 years, and Sally a long time, too, but the oddest moment was when a woman said, 'Can Rod and Paul now bring up the rings?' I just started laughing out loud, as it seemed bizarre to be at a wedding with Rod Stewart and Paul MCCartney." Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones felt lucky to be a guest at Ronnie Wood's pre-Christmas (12) wedding to theatre producer Sally Humphreys.

17th December 2012

Tweet: "When Ron Wood gave me his pick and said I really love that song about you (your) Hair, is that not every girl's dream." Lady GaGa is thrilled with a gift and compliment from Ronnie Wood after she performed with The Rolling Stones in New Jersey on Saturday night (15Dec12).

6th December 2012

Quote: "People assume it's party, party, party, but we were watching (British Tv show) Taggart and eating cheese." Ronnie Wood's fiancee Sally Humphreys insists the Rolling Stones went to bed early after wrapping their comeback shows in London last month (Nov12).

15th November 2012

Quote: "I was sitting next to Keith when I first watched it and he was saying, 'Who's that guy?' and I said, 'That's you!' and he said, 'Who's that guy then?' and I said, 'That's me!'" Ronnie Wood admits Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards had problems recognising himself in new documentary Crossfire Hurricane.

6th August 2012

Quote: "I want to be with someone who is for me, not because I'm Ronnie Wood... Sally's perfect. We're both really, really happy. It's a breath of fresh air to be with someone who has the same interests. We love the arts and it's a lot of fun being together at the theatre or the concert. Sally also gets on with my friends. We went out for dinner with Paul MCCartney and his wife the other week. It was a really nice evening." Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood, 65, is happily settled with 34-year-old theatre producer Sally Humphreys.

16th July 2012

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend, Ekaterina Ivanova, has launched a new career as a topless model. The 23-year-old former waitress was unveiled in a photoshoot for British newspaper The Sun on Monday (16Jul12).

6th May 2012

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova is engaged to singer David Arthur. Wood called off his marriage to wife Jo Wood after his affair with cocktail waitress Ivanova was exposed.

12th April 2012

Quote: "I always knew I was going to the Stones, but Mick didn't want to break up Faces. I told him to call me if he got desperate. He called one day and said, 'I am desperate.'" Ronnie Wood on how his Rolling Stones co-star Sir Mick Jagger asked him to join the legendary band.

10th April 2012

Quote: "It's like working out for the Olympics or something. You've got to go into training. So we're going to go into training." Ronnie Wood is ready to 'work out' in the studio with his Rolling Stones bandmembers ahead of a possible concert next year (13) to celebrate the group's landmark 50th anniversary.

31st March 2012

Fact: Ronnie Wood's attempt to kick his smoking habit was short-lived - he is back on tobacco just days after he was spotted using an electronic cigarette during a night out in London earlier this week (begs26Mar12).

15th February 2012

Quote: "We've got more meetings, everyone wants to do it. I've been asked to do the opening ceremony with the Stones and close the Games with The Faces. I've got to be the first bi-athlete musician." Veteran rocker Ronnie Wood hopes to put in two performances at London's Olympic Games this summer (12).

11th March 2011

Fact: The Rolling Stones stars Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts teamed up with former members Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman on Wednesday (09Mar11) to pay tribute to founding member Ian Stewart, who died of a heart attack in 1985. The rockers celebrated Stewart's life and raised money for the British Heart Foundation at the gig, held at London's Ambassadors Theatre.

11th January 2011

Quote: "Keith, he still communicates through fax. That's why I never hear much from him - because I ain't got a fax machine. You get a message from Keith on a fax. You get, 'I don't know when, I don't know where, just get ready. Love, Keith.' It means we may be touring sometime in the next decade." Ronnie Wood admits his ROLLING STONE bandmate Keith Richards is behind the times when it comes to technology.

11th January 2011

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood showed off his dance skills as he joined a samba class in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The guitarist has been touring South America on vacation with his Brazilian girlfriend Ana Araujo.

10th January 2011

Quote: "The Stones don't do each other's books. Nobody said to me when mine came out, 'Oh, I've read your book with interest, Ron.' No way. It was kind of, 'You've got a book out. Get over it.'" Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood has no plans to read his bandmates' autobiographies.

31st October 2010

Quote: "She's 31; she's 10 years older than the last one, so she's more mature. Ana and I clicked immediately. Except on dancing. At home I'll put a record on, and she'll love it and want to dance. I think my dancing days are over." Ronnie Wood is enjoying his romance with Brazilian girlfriend ANA ARAUJO, following a disastrous fling with Russian cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova.

29th October 2010

Quote: "We are due for our summit meeting this year. I saw Keith (Richards) last week and Mick (Jagger) the week before and Charlie (Watts) the week before that. Everybody has itchy feet so I hope something is on the horizon for the Stones next year." Ronnie Wood is raring to hit the road again with the Rolling Stones.

26th October 2010

Quote: "I'm like a newborn baby. I'm waking up and thinking, 'Wow, I actually know what I'm doing.'" Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood is enjoying his teetotal lifestyle after years of substance abuse.

20th October 2010

Quote: "He was high and crashed out on my dad's couch in the living room. My dad come down in the morning, opens the curtain and Keith went, 'F**k off!' And my dad came straight back with, 'Nobody swears in my house!' and ordered him out. Keith had a tremendous amount of respect for my dad after that." Ronnie Wood recalls his Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards making a bad impression when he took the guitarist home for the first time.

5th October 2010

Quote: "I'm a nomadic Gemini. All my life I've been used to being broke one minute and rolling in millions the next. I've never really paid much attention to my wealth or lack of it." Ronnie Wood.

5th October 2010

Quote: "I don't need those drugs, or the false affirmation I got from alcohol. It was slowing me down, and I was starting to get bitter and twisted, saying things that weren't me." Ronnie Wood is glad his days of heavy boozing are behind him.

24th September 2010

Quote: "Seeing things clean and serene, I can make proper judgements, not just harebrained ones. Being sober makes a big difference to my artwork and music." Ronnie Wood can appreciate music more when he's not had a drink.

20th September 2010

Fact: Newlywed Eddie Vedder, Bobby Womack and Kris Kristofferson are among the stars who have recorded guest spots on Ronnie Wood's new solo album I Feel Like Playing.

5th May 2010

Quote: "I will let you into a little secret. She used to fancy me and she finally got off with me. I saw her a few weeks ago and she's in very good form - and she's still trying to get intimate!" Ronnie Wood insists Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde has always had a crush on him.

23rd April 2010

Quote: "I hate my lines under my eyes (so) I airbrush my own home photographs. I can do it on my laptop - How vain is that?" Ronnie Wood's ex-wife JO digitally alters snaps of herself.

10th April 2010

Quote: "We always have this moment of hesitation where we don't know if Keith's going to get the intro right." Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood admits his bandmate Keith Richards often forgets what song he's supposed to be playing.

1st April 2010

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood is taking to the airwaves - he's set to host a weekly show on British station Absolute Radio. His first programme will air on 8 April (10).

8th February 2010

Quote: "My kids do come to me - about anything and everything - including their sex lives. Sometimes I think: 'Oh God, that's too much information, but I'm glad they feel they can talk to me, no holds barred." Ronnie Wood's ex-wife JO shares a candid relationship with the former couple's children.

29th January 2010

Quote: "It's annoying to see myself in the papers practically every day." Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood doesn't like seeing his troubled personal life splashed across the front pages.

17th December 2009

Quote: "I did have therapy. They told me to concentrate on myself and realise it's about me now. I mean... I was heart-broken." Ronnie Wood's ex-wife JO signed up for therapy after her split from the rocker after 23 years of marriage last year (08).

14th December 2009

Quote: "The whole thing started off like a fairytale. But then it felt like an evil fairytale. When Ronnie and I moved into a tower my friends were laughing and saying I was like the princess trapped in the tower. He went all Jekyll and Hyde. I'd be trapped there with an evil goblin king." Ronnie Wood's relationship with young lover Ekaterina Ivanova didn't have the happy ending she dreamed of.

10th December 2009

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood is planning to release his first solo album since 2001. The guitarist's I FEEL LIKE PLAYING is due to hit shelves in the New Year (10).

25th October 2009

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood's estranged wife JO is hanging up her dancing shoes after failing to impress the judges on U.K. TV talent show Strictly Come Dancing. The 53 year old was voted out of the competition on Saturday (24Oct09).

25th August 2009

Fact: Ronnie Wood's estranged wife JO and former tennis ace MARTINA HINGIS are set to don their dancing shoes as they join the celebrity line-up of U.K. TV talent contest STRICTLY COME DANCING.

11th August 2009

Quote: "I played drums on TRAIN KEPT A'ROLLIN' with Jimmy Page and Ron Wood and Jeff Beck. It was a mindf**k. I kept waiting for the real drummer to show up." Metallica star Lars Ulrich on his magical night at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

7th June 2009

Quote: "I don't think Ronnie has bought any baby stuff at all. If he has, he's probably given it to the girlfriend - she's certainly young enough." Ronnie Wood's estranged wife JO admits her former partner has not been doting on their new grandchild - and takes a swipe at his 20-year-old lover EKATERINA IVANOVA.

30th May 2009

Fact: Ronnie Wood's model daughter LEAH named her baby daughter MAGGIE MAY after Rod Stewart's famous song - and because the little girl arrived in the spring month (May09).

7th April 2009

Fact: Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder will appear as a guest on Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood's upcoming solo album MORE GOOD NEWS.

7th April 2009

Fact: Soul legend Bobby Womack came full circle with his ALL OVER NOW hit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Saturday (04Apr09) by performing the song he wrote with Rolling Stones star Ron Wood. Wood paid tribute to the singer/songwriter at the ceremony and reminded the audience that the Stones had their first number one with Womack's tune.

3rd February 2009

Quote: "We're like Lego that just clicks together. It's unconditional love." Ronnie Wood's girlfriend EKATERINA IVANOVA on their unlikely relationship.

3rd February 2009

Quote: "We wear each other's clothes all the time. We're the same jeans size." Ronnie Wood's girlfriend EKATERINA IVANOVA shares her wardrobe with the rocker.

24th December 2008

Quote: "I've got 20 people coming over for a late lunch. I'm going to be doing the cooking but (daughter) Leah and her husband Jack are helping me too. We call Jack Captain Cuisine and so the three of us get in the kitchen and do different things. I will be slaving away in the kitchen. It will be great." Ronnie Wood's estranged wife JO is adamant that Christmas will be as normal as possible despite the couple's recent split.

5th November 2008

Quote: "When I was in New York one time, I remember Janis Joplin, she was always trying to pull me." Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood on his mischievous youth.

5th November 2008

Quote: "We're going to start work on another Stones record next year." Ronnie Wood confirms the Rolling Stones are heading back to the studio.

27th October 2008

Fact: ROLLING STONE rocker Ronnie Wood, the Spice Girls, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are among a host of British stars who have donated autographed items to an auction in aid of U.K. teen cancer survivor ANNIE DICKENSON. The items will be sold off to help towards costs for her recovery treatment from Hodgkin's lymphoma.

30th December 2007

Quote: "I make sure Ronnie sticks to an organic diet - he hasn't got much choice. We ate my sprouts for Christmas dinner and next year will be totally organic." Ronnie Wood's wife, JO, aims to make sure her rocker husband eats healthily.

6th December 2007

Fact: The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is such a massive fan of folk band Beirut, he actively pursued the group and asked for their autograph during filming for British TV programme, LATER... WITH JOOLS HOLLAND on Tuesday (04Dec07).

25th May 2007

Fact: Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood received an unusual early birthday present from his wife JO yesterday (24May07) - she splashed out $80,000 (GBP40,000) on a Romany gipsy caravan. The guitarist turns 60 next week (01Jun07).

25th August 2006

Quote: "I had a lot of fun with my balloons. I'll certainly be doing them again." Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood confesses a new addiction to helium party balloons.

16th August 2006

Quote: "Look! Come and meet my best new mate Tommy Hilfiger! The guy loves my work, apparently! Tommy f**king Hilfiger!" ROLLING STONE guitarist Ronnie Wood gets excited when fashion moguls endorse his paintings.

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