Review of Too Cold Single by Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva

Roots Maunva - Too Cold - Single Review

Roots Maunva

Too Cold

The big man Roots Manuva releases ‘Too Cold’ the second single to be released from his new album ‘Awfully Deep’ on Big Dada Records. There’s no denying Mr Manuvas’ truly unique style and conscience, deep, honest lyrics. ‘Too Cold’ shows an introspective side to his rhymes that show angst delivered in a genuine way. I’ve always loved the beats on Roots Manuva’s music. This track doesn’t fail to deliver. The beats are deep, brooding and have that cartoon character that makes this music so original. The samples and keys creates a real

Roots Maunva - Too Cold - Single Review

theatrical sound that oozes sophistication and class. It’s urban sounds with a strong Caribean flavour with the gems of English regality shining from it. There’s a generous selection of remixes on this single as well, the Nightmares On Wax remix is class. Another great track form the big man.

Tareck Ghoneim