Review of Awfully De/Ep EP by Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva
Awfully De/Ep

Roots Manuva Awfully De/Ep EP

The main man Roots Manuva releases Awfully De/Ep EP on Big Dadda Records. This EP is testament to fact that Mr Manuva continues to make quality music that is intelligent, progressive and edgy. The acclaimed 'king' of the British urban underground uses raucous sounds that are heavy and completely original that combine to create a fresh and invigorating sound that require many a listen to appreciate the complexity of this sound. Not for the faint of hearing 'Awfully Deep' is an attack on the senses using deep base sounds, scientific bleeps and thought provoking, honest lyrics that tell a story and are well arranged. The 'Lambeth Blues-Metronomy Remix' is an excellent display of P-Funk with great harmonies and a real bonus to this EP. 'Seat Yourself' has a grimey street madness with strong vocal delivery. This is a great EP that shows integrity, originality and continues to display British urban music at it's most expressive.

Tareck Ghoneim

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