Remember when Sunday nights were about watching Heartbeat and worrying about having to go back to the school in the morning? The final night of the week threw up some easy-watching though pretty bad television as Britain lurched into yet another working week.

However, things have beginning to change. Across the pond, Mad Men and Breaking Bad are signature shows airing on Sundays, while UK channels are beginning to move some of their biggest and most exciting dramas to 9pm on Sundays. 

Last night, Channel 4's harrowing drama Southcliffe finally hit screens after a couple of weeks of pretty eerie looking teaser promos. The show focuses on a mentally unstable local man (Sean Harris) who goes on a killing spree in a quiet British seaside town. The excellent Rory Kinnear plays a detective investigating the heinous crimes.

"It might not be the cheeriest TV, but as far as bleakness goes, this is rare and brilliant Sunday-night viewing," said The Independent. 

"Southcliffe was anything but nice-cup-of-tea and a sit-down TV, but it was a mesmerising tragedy, nonetheless," said the Telegraph.

"Southcliffe is brilliantly done. Sean Harris is totally convincing as Stephen, a man teetering on the edge of a deep, dark chasm. It is painful to watch, of course. I had an almost sickening tightness in my stomach throughout," wrote Sam Wollaston in The Guardian.

Southcliffe continues on Channel 4 tonight (August 5, 2013) at 9pm.

Eddie MarsanEddie Marsan Stars In 'Southcliffe'