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Pike Scores 007 First By Narrating The Spy Who Loved Me

British actress ROSAMUND PIKE has made JAMES BOND history by becoming the first woman to narrate a 007 story for a new audiobook series.The Die Another Day star will give voice to Bond creator Ian...

Pike Bemoans Double Standards In Hollywood

British actress ROSAMUND PIKE has cited CHARLIE SHEEN's personal problems as an example of sexism in Hollywood - insisting a woman in a similar situation would have been cast out of showbusiness.The Two and A...

Pike's Anger Over Wright Wedding Claims

British actress ROSAMUND PIKE has angrily dismissed suggestions moviemaker JOE WRIGHT called off their wedding because she turned into a "bridezilla", insisting she never had any plans for a "fairytale" ceremony.The couple, together for four...

Pike Embracing Single Life

British actress ROSAMUND PIKE is embracing life as a single woman, because she is no longer scared of a broken heart after director JOE WRIGHT called off their engagement last year (09).The couple, together for...

Transmission For Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins will star in new alien movie 'Transmission'. The 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' actor has signed up for alien invasion flick 'Transmission' along with Jason Flemying and Talulah Riley. 'Spiderman' actor Willem Defoe is...

Amber Heard Linked To X

Amber Heard and Rosamund Pike are set to star in 'X-Men: First Class'.Studio 20th Century Fox have a "strong interest" in recruiting the actresses to portray Mystique and Moira MacTaggert respectively in director Matthew Vaughn's...

Pike & Wright Heal Friendship

British actress ROSAMUND PIKE has forgiven moviemaker JOE WRIGHT for calling off their wedding - they are now good friends.The couple, together for four years, became engaged in 2008 and planned to wed this summer...

Sutherland Puts Restraining Order On Smokers

Acclaimed actor DONALD SUTHERLAND refuses to allow smokers within one hundred metres of him when he is working on a movie set. The PRIDE AND PREJUDICE star is so repulsed by the smell...

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