Rosamund Pike might turn out to be David Fincher’s Gone Girl. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress, who co-starred alongside Tom Cruise in this year’s Jack Reacher, has been rumored to take on the role of Amy Dunne in the Fincher directed movie. The story sees Pike’s character kidnapped on her wedding anniversary, shortly after she and her husband move to a new city. Naturally, the blame initially falls on the husband and he takes on the double mission of locating Amy and clearing his name.

Rosamund Pike, The World's End Premiere
Pike plays the part of the kidnapped wife.

Earlier this year it was announced that Ben Affleck was to play Nick Dunne. According to The Reporter, audience favorites Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry are being considered for supporting roles. It would certainly be a new experience to see those two in dramatic roles, but for now the big topic is Pike’s alleged appointment.

Ben Affleck, UCLA Film Festival
Affleck has already been cast for the main part.

Apparently, the actress beat out a number of other contenders for the part, including Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Emily Blunt. While the news isn’t official yet, Pike definitely seems like a good choice for the film – particularly after her damsel-in-distress performance in Jack Reacher. Gone Girl, based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn, is set to begin principle photography in September.

Rosamund Pike, LAX
Pike reportedly beat out a host of respected actresses for the part.