Rosamund Pike, the British actress who turns in a career-best, possibly award winning performance in David Fincher's Gone Girl, says there is too much demand on our spouses nowadays and that separation is the key to any healthy relationship. Pike, 35, plays Amy Dunne in Fincher's twisting, turning Rubik's cube of a movie that has set alight the box-office on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Rosamund PikeRosamund Pike [L] delivers a barnstorming performance in 'Gone Girl'

"People have ridiculous expectations of a mate," she told Spectrum magazine, "In my grandmother's day, you wouldn't expect your husband to fulfil the same need in you as your sister, or girlfriends, or colleagues at work. You'd have different needs met by different people."

"Now we want all our needs met by one person, and I don't believe that's possible. Or rather, it is, but I don't think it's universally achievable."

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"I do think separation is key to a relationship," she explained, "I go out with my partner and we are put next to each other - there's a feeling of, 'What, you don't think we can't operate without each other?' I don't need him as a crutch. Of course, he's the person I want to go home with but he's not necessarily the person I want to sit next to. I'd rather meet someone new, and he would too."

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Pike was previously engaged to the Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright, but the pair split in 2008 when he called off their wedding plans. She now has two children with Robie Uniacke, a mathematical researcher, old Etonian and recovering heroin addict 18-years her senior. 

Gone Girl, adapted by Gillian Flynn from her bestselling novel, has received glowing reviews from critics, however, it's best chance of a statuette at the Oscars may be Pike for leading actress. 

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