British actress Rosamund Pike struggled to stay focused during phone interviews following her Oscar nomination last month (Jan15) after her son's toy car became entangled in her hair.

The former Bond girl is up for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Gone Girl, but admits she was blindsided by the nomination last month (Jan15).

As a result, Pike was left juggling her newborn son and two-year-old boy Solo alone as the congratulations started coming in early on 15 January (15).

She explains, "I was so unprepared for that morning, I'd looked at my schedule and I'd said to my other half (Robie Uniacke), 'Well, look, I've got a completely free morning tomorrow, you take your time and I'll look after both boys.'

"He went off to play tennis, I was at home, suddenly not realising when you're a nominee, you have to do interviews, so I had to do an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. I was in the bed, I hadn't gotten up, I had the two boys... so I'm trying to hold it together and talk with sort of poise and aplomb to The Hollywood Reporter, and meanwhile, what they can't see is that my whole body is being used as a car track..."

Pike reveals disaster struck mid-interview as Solo ran his little toy car over her head - and it got stuck in her hair, hours before she was due to attend the Critics Choice Awards.

She continues, "I'm lying there... trying to muster the requisite kind of words, and suddenly I hear the unmistakable sound of a car engine in difficulty and I realised that this new battery-operated car (toy) is becoming entangled in my hair...

"I have a dreadlock of hair wrapped around this wheel axle of the battery-operated car and I do not know what on earth I'm going to do. There's the Critics Choice Awards that night, Valentino (designers) were about to arrive to try on a dress and I am standing there with this car attached to my head... I had to cut it (tangled hair) out."