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30th November 2015

Fact: Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike has narrated a new audiobook version of Jane Austen's classic Pride & Prejudice, 10 years after portraying Jane Bennett in a movie adaptation of the tale.

13th January 2015

Quote: "There could be a sequel at some point if everyone is game to get the gang back together. It'd be really fun a few years from now. We'd pick it up and see what those crazy people are up to and if they got on - not well I don't think. I would have to have the exact same people to do it. I would want Rosamund, Ben and Fincher." Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn wants a sequel to the movie adaptation of her hit book if she can get Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck and director David Fincher on board.

12th January 2015

Quote: "This is my first time at the Globes and it kinda didn't sink in until I got on the red carpet. I had a baby a few weeks ago, so I've been completely out of the zone. I was completely overwhelmed. I teared up to be honest. It’s an emotional moment, I think." Actress Rosamund Pike on making her debut at the Golden Globes on Sunday (11Jan15). The new mum, who gave birth to her second son last month (Dec14), is up for a Best Actress honour for her role in hit thriller Gone Girl.

7th January 2015

Quote: "I went into this lovely Spanish shop and the girl said, 'Has anyone ever told you you look just like the girl in Gone Girl?', and I said, 'Well, that's me'. She just looked at me with this deepest look of suspicion and I said, 'I'm pregnant, so I look a bit different, and I'm English'... It was like, 'You should not be buying cold cuts in a restaurant in Soho!'" New mum Rosamund Pike on a recent odd fan encounter.

6th January 2015

Quote: “(He's) the most interesting person. (He's a) clever partner who's got a very astute mind and is very, very well read and articulate. The quality I most admire about him is he sees the value in anonymity." Actress Rosamund Pike on her partner Robie Uniacke.

25th September 2014

Quote: "Keira just moved around the corner from me." British actress Rosamund Pike is still in touch with her Pride & Prejudice co-star Keira Knightley.

24th September 2014

Quote: "I love the idea of marriage, but I don't need it at the moment." Pregnant British actress Rosamund Pike is in no rush to wed partner Robie Uniacke, the father of her two-year-old son Solo. She will give birth to the couple's second child later this year (14).

23rd September 2014

Quote: "It's surprisingly hard to get an actress to really, really talk to you about what they experience because there's an air of competitiveness all around all the time and however much you fight, it's never going to go away." British actress Rosamund Pike talks about the lack of solidarity among Hollywood women after clinching the sought after lead role in new thriller Gone Girl.

19th September 2014

Quote: "They closed the set and he wanted us to do 'it' for like two or three hours. It was weird. It was the most giggly we've ever been. It was much weirder to just do it with the two of us and no one else than it was to do it with the director and crew watching." Actor Neil Patrick Harris on filming his sex scene multiple times with Gone Girl co-star Rosamund Pike.

8th August 2013

Quote: "I was flattered. I would carry it in a film if it felt right for the character." Actress Rosamund Pike on British designer L.K. Bennett's new Rosamund Bag, which she inspired.

11th December 2012

Quote: "My fella and I go dancing a lot. Not salsa or old-time dancing, we go to raves. When I was filming in South Africa, rather than stay up all night, we would get up early to catch the best Djs at sunrise." Actress Rosamund Pike enjoys partying with her businessman boyfriend Robie Uniacke.

11th December 2012

Quote: "It is interesting to break all the rules. I'm not married, I have a baby and it feels infinitely more right. You try to do the right thing or the conventional thing and it doesn't work, and then you're free again." Actress Rosamund Pike has no qualms about having her son out of wedlock. The former Bond girl and her businessman partner Robie Uniacke have an eight-month-old boy named Solo.

21st March 2011

Quote: "We had a joke about us all having to go to the gym because we all have to get our kit (clothes) off but it's so not about that. I thought the scenes should be really erotic. If the audience is involved they're not going to look at whether your thighs are toned or not." Actress Rosamund Pike on preparing for her saucy scenes in a new British TV adaption of Women In Love.

19th January 2011

Fact: British actress Rosamund Pike is an accomplished cellist - the former Bond girl started learning the instrument when she was just three.

19th October 2009

Quote: "I used to say I wouldn't do nudity after the age of 30 but now I'm not so sure. I did 28 weeks of (play) Hitchcock Blonde and every night I was on stage completely naked except for a pair of high heels. Funnily enough, I was never conscious of being naked, apart from one night when I forgot to wear my heels." Rosamund Pike, 30, is proud of her body.

24th August 2008

Fact: Former James Bond stars including Roger Moore and Bond girl Rosamund Pike have been lined up to appear at a tribute gala to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of 007 creator IAN FLEMING. The stars will read extracts from Fleming's classic book DR NO at the event in London in October (08).

5th May 2008

Quote: "I saw ANGELINA and BRAD in Venice. Nobody could take their eyes off them. Joe and I felt like we were back at school and they were the IT crowd." Former Bond girl Rosamund Pike and her director fiance JOE WRIGHT were starstruck when they spotted Hollywood power-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

18th July 2007

Quote: "I don't have a stylist. I have got my grandmother, who has a wonderful eye and goes through magazines and says, 'There is a lovely dress; you should really try and get hold of that.'" Former Bond girl Rosamund Pike relies on her granny's fashion sense when it comes to her wardrobe.

22nd April 2007

Quote: "I saw Robbie Williams in Bangkok. I kind of fell for him. He has great charm as a performer." James Bond actress Rosamund Pike has a crush on Robbie Williams.

18th October 2006

Quote: "They referred to her as 'Hairy Belly' which we all thought was hilarious. She was not amused at all." Die Another Day actress Rosamund Pike recalls how Japanese fans struggled to pronounce her co-star Halle Berry's name during their James Bond publicity tour.

16th August 2006

Fact: British actress and former Bond girl Rosamund Pike is to return to the stage in London's West End in Tennessee Williams play SUMMER AND SMOKE this October (06).

1st December 2005

Fact: <p>British actors Rosamund Pike and Tom Hollander have made three films together - and all period pieces. They both starred in TV mini-series WIVES AND DAUGHTERS, last year's (04) The Libertine and this year's (05) blockbuster Pride And Prejudice. </p>

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