Rosario Dawson was left stunned when a psychic claimed her estranged father had died, because she had no idea what happened to her biological dad after he walked out on the family.

The Sin City star was brought up by her mother Isabel and stepfather, Greg Dawson, after her dad Patrick left when she was a baby, and the actress received a huge bombshell after speaking with a clairvoyant.

She tells British newspaper The Guardian, "I did a session with a psychic. She was really bold. She told me that my dad was dead and was speaking to me from beyond the grave. And I was like: 'I don't know if you're a good psychic, or if you're just pulling my leg - because I don't know this fact.' That was really wild."

The 33 year old subsequently hired an investigator to find out the truth about Patrick, and she adds, "We think he died in 2001. If he passed, I'm sad about that, but in some ways I think I'm slightly relieved. It's Pandora's box you're opening. And I think it would have been weird to have to feel like I need to create a relationship later. As an adult... what's the point of doing that unless you're wanting to create something?"