In a rather unexpected turn of events, an arrest warrant has been issued for Rose McGowan in relation to traces of narcotics found in her abandoned belongings at an airport earlier this year. She denies any allegations of drug use, and is linking the charge with attempts to 'silence' her over her claims of sexual assault in Hollywood.

Rose McGowan at Tribeca Film FestivalRose McGowan at Tribeca Film Festival

The 44-year-old actress is calling 'horses***' on the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department's warrant for her arrest over alleged felony possession of a controlled substance. The cops claim that narcotics were found among possessions she left at Washington Dulles International Airport in January.

'Her personal belongings that were left behind from a flight arriving on January 20th tested positive for narcotics', police spokesperson Rob Yingling said in a statement obtained by Deadline. 'Our police have attempted to contact Ms. McGowan so that she can appear in a Loudoun County Virginia court to respond to the charge.'

He added that police 'have been issued a bench warrant and entered it into a national law enforcement database'.

Rose is linking the new charge with her own claims that she was offered $1 million to keep quiet about her alleged rape at the hands of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein back in 1997. Since her claim came out, she has attacked numerous people in Hollywood via Twitter for either their quiet knowledge of sexual assault in the industry of for perpetrating such crimes themselves.

'Are they trying to silence me?' She Tweeted. 'There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of horses***.'

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Media personality Ashlee Marie Preston posted a link to an article about the arrest, adding: 'If Rose McGowan would have taken that million dollars in hush money I'm quite sure this wouldn't even be a headline...'

To which Rose re-Tweeted with the word: 'FACT'.