Rose McGowan thinks Hollywood is stuck in an 'Entourage'-like mentality.

The 41-year-old actress recently disclosed a sexist audition note in which all female performers were asked to wear a ''form fitting tank'' that would show off their cleavage - and she's claimed such incidents are not surprising.

Reflecting on sexism in Hollywood, Rose shared: ''There's like 'd**kery' as I call it [in Hollywood], where they're stuck in this 'Mad Men' / 'Entourage' era and it's just boring and it's kind of embarrassing.

''It's old fashioned and it's like, face palm, it's like, that's not what's going on now in the world, you've gotta change. If film is our number one export, be careful with what we're putting out there because you can do a lot of damage.''

''I think for all 10 percent a little bit deeper, a little bit funnier - a little bit more thinking, a little bit more feeling - the world would actually change. And Hollywood used to be at the forefront of that.''

The actress said a move towards equality within Hollywood will also make for more interesting cinema.

She told Nylon magazine: ''Hollywood is accused all the time by people, 'Liberal Media! They have an agenda!' And you're goddamn right I have an agenda. I have an agenda for people to be better humans.

''Why? Because I want more people to talk to, more people to play with, and more interesting things to watch, listen to, and read. It's not that complicated.''