Rose McGowan thinks Hollywood is full of ''grossness''.

The 'Charmed' actress - who recently called out a sexist casting call, which invited women to audition for a movie wearing cleavage-baring outfits - wants to improve things for women in the film industry.

She said: ''It's just a tiny flashlight on the grossness, but there's a lot of grossness. There's stuff that has happened to me that would make your hair curl, that will go in my book someday ...

''I'm interested in making the industry better so that women following in my footsteps know that they don't have to take abuse just because she wants be creative.''

The 41-year-old actress and director - who alleges she was fired by her agent after speaking out against the casting call - has admitted her ''ankles were shaking a little bit'' when she was told she'd been dropped.

She added: ''It's brave and scary, and being brave doesn't mean you don't get scared.

''My ankles shook a little bit after I got the email firing me. I thought, 'Oh god, the blacklist, here we go.' I have so many other businesses and other interests that it doesn't really matter to me, though.''

Rose also admitted she found it disheartening that the casting call was never ''red-flagged''.

She added to PEOPLE magazine ''What bothered me was that nobody red-flagged this.

''It went through so many hands that thought it was okay. It might have been a girl that had to type that up.''