The former Charmed star hit the headlines this week (ends28Jun15) when she spoke out about a script she received for an Adam Sandler film, which included a note informing the auditionee that a push-up bra was encouraged for the screen test.

Following her revelation, MCGowan claimed she was fired by her acting agent for criticising the casting call.

MCGowan is adamant she did the right thing, and insists she spoke out because she wants to change the environment for future actresses.

She tells U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, "I just want to make it better for the next girl coming after me. To know that she doesn't have to sell her body and soul just because she wants to be a creative person. That isn't the fine that you pay at the gate and it shouldn't be."

Meanwhile, representatives at MCGowan's former acting agency, Innovative Artists, are claiming she told them she "no longer wanted to be represented by the agency as she transitioned from actor to director".

Sandler's representatives are also distancing themselves from the controversy, stating they had no association with the casting note and "thought it was completely inappropriate and have made sure that it is not sent out again".