The former child star who played comedienne Roseanne Barr's eldest daughter on Roseanne was left embarrassed during a recent interview when she let it slip she had no idea her Tv dad John Goodman died in the series finale, which aired in 1997.

Alicia Goranson portrayed Becky Conner in 146 episodes of the sitcom before leaving the show in 1996, and in a new Huffington Post chat with her former Tv brother Michael Fishman, she revealed she didn't watch the programme after she left.

That prompted Fishman to ask if she knew her Tv dad died.

The actress said, "I'm embarrassed. I'm like, 'He passed away? Oh God, that's horrible!'"

On her decision to leave the show and hand over the role of Becky to Sarah Chalke, Goranson explained, "At the time, I wanted normalcy. I wanted to be around my peers. I wanted to be in an intellectual environment.

"I would have, like, five English papers due on Monday, and they'd (Tv bosses) want me to fly to Disney World and shoot a show there over the weekend, and I said, 'I just can't feasibly do this'."