Rosie Huntington-Whiteley doesn't use foundation anymore.

The Rose Inc. founder's beauty brand has a "does-it-all concealer" which means the 34-year-old model can achieve the light, glowy coverage she wants without it.

On the upcoming Modern Essentials make-up collection, she added: “We have a cream blush, a lip product, a brow gel, and a does-it-all concealer.

“Since we locked the formula down, I have not been using any foundation. It has a chubby doe foot, so I dot mine all over my face where I want coverage. Then I use our brush to just blend. It has this lovely blurring effect, but it leaves the skin looking like your own skin, but with this velvet luminosity.”

When it comes to keeping acne at bay, the blonde beauty has developed two skincare products that work wonders for her complexion, an AHA toner and "hydrating serum-meets-primer".

She told Refinery29: “I’ve had acne-prone skin my entire adult life, so I’ve been on a quest since the age of about 16 to figure out how to manage that. “Over the years, I’ve built out my own research, but these are the two skin-care products that give me the most instant results: an AHA toner and then a beautiful hydrating serum-meets-primer.”

Rosie said it was important for her team to just focus on a handful of products to nail the formulas.

She explained: “Instead of launching 50 products, I wanted a tight edit.

“I feel like that’s the modern way of launching a brand in 2021 — we’re actually calling the first drop our ‘Modern Essentials’ collection. Plus, it allows us to get each product right.”

And one of the main reasons she decided to launch the line was because it's what her fans wanted.

She said: “Whenever I share anything beauty-related across my platforms, it got so much engagement.

“I wanted an opportunity to connect with that audience and community. So, I set out to see if I could bring them a product line.”

Rose Inc.'s beauty products will be available from August 27 from