Rosie Huntington-Whiteley feels "instantly feminine" in a bralette and French knickers.

The 34-year-old model gushed that she had a "lot of fun" getting to design her latest Marks & Spencer lingerie collection as she showed off a set from the line on social media.

Alongside two snaps of her rocking a pistachio-coloured two-piece, she wrote on Instagram: "I love a bralette and French knickers set as I know it will instantly make me feel feminine, and it doesn’t come much better than this pistachio coloured version from my latest @marksandspencer collection. I had a lot of fun designing this. (sic)"

The new collection is vintage-inspired.

In a previous post, she shared: "I took inspiration from the decadent 1920s. It think it might be my favourite collection yet."

Meanwhile, the catwalk beauty recently revealed she uses social media to find fashion inspiration.

Rosie tends to follow designers on Instagram that influence her style more than magazines nowadays.

She said: "My social media is really filled with destinations and architecture and buildings and books and art and sculpture, and then peppered in with some great tastemakers and designers and artists who I really love to follow. So for me, that's definitely altered the way that we consume and interpret fashion, because before, we would see that all in a magazine that we'd get once a month.

"As a young girl, I would literally race home off the school bus as a teenage girl, because I knew what day the magazine was going to arrive at the house. And so now, we have that just in our hand all day long. So obviously, it alters the way you consume, because it's so instantaneous."

However, Rosie is careful not to overindulge in social media as she does not want to contribute to fast fashion by purchasing new clothes or shoes all the time.

She continued: "I try and pay special attention to that in a way, because I think sometimes it can lead you down the wrong path of overconsumption certainly, and it can lead you down the path of following trends as opposed to staying true to yourself. So I try and spend special attention when I do have that urge of really asking myself questions of, 'Is this about buying less but better?'"