Rosie Huntington-Whiteley credits a nightly face mask for her glowing skin.

The 'About Face' host - who has three-year-old son Jack with fiance Jason Statham - is too busy to spend a lot of time on her skincare regime, so is a big fan of the Pipette Brightening Mask, which costs $22, which she applies before she goes to bed and wakes up looking fresh-faced and ''luminous''.

She said: ''I'll tell you what I've been really loving lately: the Pipette Brightening Mask.

''I love it because I'm a busy mom, a busy woman, and I don't want to do 100,000 steps every night before I go to bed. This has lactic acid in it and it's also clean and non-toxic.

''I basically apply it on my skin after I wash my face in the evening and go to bed, and it's doing all the work for me. It leaves my skin looking really even and luminous the next day and it feels good.''

The 33-year-old model has spent decades having someone look after her appearance and even now, she still learns something new whenever she works with a new hair stylist or make-up artist.

She told Insider: ''Every time I sit in the hair and makeup chair, I learn something.

''I now sort of reflect the motions of my mother where I sit down as one person and I get out of the make-up chair and I feel different.

''I think make-up and beauty, there's always an element of it that feels superficial to a degree, but what I am fascinated by is the way it makes people feel and seeing change.''

Rosie has been interested in make-up since she was a child watching her mum ''transform'' her appearance.

She recalled: ''Sitting on the corner of my mother's bed, watching her get ready for work or for a night out.

''I was just fascinated watching her transform, and watching how it shifted her confidence.

''I was also fascinated by picking up these products -- it felt like true art to me the way you apply them.''