Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was given her biggest beauty lesson by her mother, who told her makeup should ''enhance'' not hide.

The 33-year-old model was always told by her mom that makeup should be an addition, not something to conceal your natural looks.

She said: ''She would let me wear some makeup but only if it was very natural. I remember her saying to me 'makeup is about enhancing what you have, not hiding what you have', and that stuck with me ever since I was a young girl. What does that mean? The sentiment of this has changed for me over the years, but what I think she meant was, don't worry about hiding the features, don't spend all your time masking your skin, embrace them. Focus on the good things so that has always been my approach to makeup. I always want to look and feel like myself, but just a little bit better.''

And Rosie used to watch her mother get ready, revealing it ''transformed her confidence'' every time she got made up.

Speaking to Emirates Woman, she added: ''I always remember watching my mother get ready for work or for a night out. I'd creep into her bedroom and she would allow me to sit on the bed and watch her get ready if I was silent and didn't ask any questions because it was her time. As a mother I totally relate, getting ready is often your own ritual, it's a time to transform. So, I would sit and watch her. It was so intriguing for me to see her go from being my mum to a woman who was going to work for the day, or a woman who was going out for the evening. It transformed her confidence and for me as a young girl, she was the most glamorous thing I ever laid my eyes on. Then once I became a teenager, I saved up money to buy a baby blue eyeshadow or pink lipstick at the local pharmacies and begged my mum to allow me to wear makeup.''