Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has teased there are plenty more Rose Inc. products to come.

The 34-year-old model's Sephora beauty range has just launched and she has promised there will be lots of "thoughtfully curated and high-performance" essentials "coming soon".

She said: "I’m excited as we have our first year’s launch products all complete in NPD and I am looking forward to new products dropping in a 10-to 12-week cadence. I really took the time to study the data and analytics from the editorial site that Rose Inc first launched as in 2018. It was incredibly insightful to see what products, brands, articles, price point and colours my audience and community were converting at so that informed many of the products you will see launching in the coming months.

"In terms of products to come, you’ll have to stay tuned, but you can expect thoughtfully curated and high-performance, beneficial essentials coming soon!"

The fashion muse insisted that just like her own beauty routine, she wanted to release products that are gentle on the skin and "multi-purpose".

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I have always been diligent about my skincare routine since I have acne-prone skin, but I’m all about making my day-to-day beauty routine as simplified and as effortless as possible. All the Rose Inc. products are multi-purpose, incorporated with skincare benefits and non-comedogenic. Since I do have acne-prone skin, this was non-negotiable for me."