Rosie Huntington-Whiteley decorates her bedroom with vintage underwear

The model-turned-actress - who is launching a new underwear range with Marks & Spencer - has revealed she adorns the boudoir she shares with her actor boyfriend Jason Statham with fine French camisoles and lace Brassieres.

In an interview with Style magazine, the 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' said: ''Vintage underwear is particularly sensual, especially pieces from the 1930s and 1940s - that's largely down to the colours and tones. It's like art to me: I love finding pieces and hanging them round my bedroom.''

The catwalk beauty attributes her passion for underwear to her job as a Victoria's Secret Angel, which involves her being photographed in skimpy pieces.

Speaking about her own signature line, 'Rosie for Autograph', the supermodel enthused: ''I've always wanted to design. My passion for lingerie came from being in it all the time, and my understanding of what works comes from wearing it on shoots. I see myself in design for the long term.

''I wanted to make something really exquisite. If I put my name to something, I have to be behind it. I'm not just here to take the money and p**s off.

''I've been very involved in the design. The most important thing was that I wasn't designing for myself - that's boring. It's important that the underwear translates for all women, all ages, all sizes.''