The actress/TV star issued a public plea for help finding Chelsea O'Donnell after the 17 year old went missing from the family home with her dog.

A police hunt began on Sunday (16Aug15) and Chelsea was located in New Jersey two days later.

Officers working on the case have now confirmed the youngster was found with another person and they are continuing to investigate what happened.

Sergeant Daniel Wilson of the South Nyack-Grand View Police Department tells the New York Daily News, "(Chelsea) was located at a New Jersey shore point. She was of sound mind and body. She was lucid. She did not have any injuries. She declined any medical attention... We're not sure what her relationship is to that person (who was with her) at this point... At this point there appears to be no criminality, but it's still an open investigation and that will be certainly looked into... It was not an argument or any type of heat of the moment situation that resulted in Chelsea leaving."

Chelsea is O'Donnell's adopted daughter from her marriage to Kelli Carpenter.