The A League of Their Own star filed for divorce from her partner of two years in February (15), but in the months following, they were embroiled in a nasty court battle, which included custody over their adopted two-year-old daughter, Dakota.

But, after eight months, both parties reached a settlement on Wednesday (21Oct15).

Leaving Manhattan Supreme Court, O'Donnell told reporters, "It's done. We've settled. There's peace in the Middle East. We're both very happy about the outcome. Thank you everyone."

"We're happy with everything," Rounds said as she left a few minutes later. "It's over. I feel good about it."

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

After O'Donnell lodged the divorce papers, both she and Rounds took public jabs at each other, taking aim at each other's parenting styles, and in May (15) a judge ordered the former couple to stop discussing the marriage split and custody battle in public as part of the divorce proceedings.

This is the second marriage to end in divorce for O'Donnell, who ended her four-year marriage to Kelli Carpenter in 2008.