Actress Rosie Perez has showed off the horrific neck scar she has as a constant reminder of her guest appearance on U.S. TV drama LAW & ORDER: SVU.
The Pineapple Express star is recovering from a bone marrow procedure and neck surgery after suffering an injury on the set of the crime show last year (09), when she was shaken vigorously by a co-star.
Mostly confined to a wheelchair and forbidden from taking long walks, Perez removed her neck brace for news show Entertainment Tonight's cameras on Friday (16Jul10) to reveal the gash left from her surgery.
She says, "I got my neck cut... and I got my pelvis bone cracked open and they (surgeons) scraped bone marrow out and put it into into my neck."
But Perez is convinced the whole nightmare will soon be behind her: "It's (scar) gonna heal and everything is gonna be OK."
Although she fears there are certain things she won't be able to do again.
She tells the news show, "(I ask) 'What's gonna happen? Am I ever gonna be able to dance again - because I love dancing, especially on Broadway. How am I gonna look with a scar in front of my neck?'"