Rosie Perez is "disgusted" with her make-up free look in new drug trafficking thriller The Counselor after director Ridley Scott forced the actress to remove her cosmetics and mess up her hair to portray a prisoner.

The Do The Right Thing star reveals she got all dolled up for her first day of filming in London, but she was immediately sent back to her trailer so she could be given a more stripped down look.

She says, "I look busted and disgusted (in the film)... When I went on the set... I'm Puerto Rican so my hair's important and so... I did my hair all nice and everything.

"(Scott) goes, 'No, you're in prison' and I go, 'What?' and he goes, 'And you gotta take off the make-up.' (He told the movie's make-up artists), 'Put some dark circles under her eyes and make her look ugly.' I go, 'Why? There's women who do their hair in prison!' (But) it was great for the character."