Rosie Perez will always be grateful to Seth Rogen for supporting her on the set of Pineapple Express while she grieved the death of her father.
The actress was devastated after losing her dad but she was determined to carry on shooting the 2008 stoner comedy with Rogen and James Franco, who stood by her as she struggled with the bereavement.
She tells E! Online, "They are really kooky in a really pleasant way. It was a tough time for me doing that. My father had passed and it was really difficult. They were really kind, especially Seth. They were so kind and so accommodating. So I have really good memories about that experience because it could have been horrible."
Perez is now all for re-teaming with the comedy duo for a follow-up, adding, "I would love to do a sequel with those guys. They are a lot of fun... A reunion, that would be fun!"