Rock offspring Rufus Wainwright credits opera and an orgy for turning him off his wild, partying lifestyle.
The Canadian singer, son of Loudon Wainwright III and Kate MCGarrigle, unveiled an opera entitled Prima Donna at the U.K.'s Manchester International Festival on Friday (10Jul09) - which the star wrote and orchestrated himself.
But the star reveals that he chose to work on his opera in the nearby Yorkshire countryside rather than notorious party hotspot, Manchester, so he wouldn't be tempted to revert to his old ways.
The openly-gay star says, "I had the choice of living in Leeds or Manchester and I have to say, unfortunately, what I really like are rough young men with no teeth who get drunk and run after you on the street. So I decided to stay away from that and move to the country.
"I grew up with a family where there was a lot of artistic people around and a lot of parties. I took that taxi and ran with it. I had a wonderful time and I wouldn't switch it for anything. But eventually, and I do credit opera a lot for this, I realised that if I want to write great opera and I want to write all the orchestrations and dedicate my life to it, I can't be dating the toothless guy from Manchester."
The One You Love hitmaker also reveals that his moment of clarity came during an orgy.
He explains, "There was a lot of very bad stuff going on and I immediately realised at one point it wasn't me. So I said, 'I'm going to leave,' and I very dramatically announced to the orgy, 'I am going back to society and I want to live'. I went out and then I got about a block away and I realised I had forgotten my wallet and I had to go back! That was so pathetic."