Adapted from the hugely popular video game, Hitman: Agent 47 has the dangerous task of maneuvering between mediums – something many videogame to movie transitions have failed to do. But hype is big for Aleksander Bach’s is big, especially now two stills have been released. 

Rupert FriendRupert Friend stars as Agent 47

The Hitman series follows a genetically-engineered assassin created from the DNA of five of the world's most dangerous criminals. He is known only by the last two digits printed under the iconic barcode on the back of his bald head: 640509-040147.

The videogame focuses on stealth as the player tries to take enemies out with a minimum of fuss and, most importantly, mess. In Agent 47, his mission is to target a young woman on the run from powerful and enigmatic forces. But the mission ends up uncovering things about our titular agent.

Before his tragic death in a car accident, Paul Walker was heavily rumoured to be taking the lead role of Agent 47. Instead Rupert Friend takes the titular position. Zachary Quinto, Hannah Ware, Thomas Kretschmann, Dan Bakkedahl, and Ciaran Hinds also star. Hitman: Agent 47 is set for release on February 27, 2015.

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But it’s not just the Hitman franchise attempting the rocky and sometimes fatal transition from console to silver screen; Uncharted – the popular adventure title from acclaimed studio, Naughty Dog – is also in line for a movie adaptation, possibly to coincide with the fourth game in the franchise being released on the PS4. 

"I love the complexity and frankly the sophistication of the storytelling in the game, and we aspire to that -- but don't want to tell the exact same story, of course -- so something that doesn't break the rules of what it did but expands. Because I feel like the people who play the games and know them well don't want to just see the same story told. You want extra shades,” explained the film’s director, Seth Gordon. 

Hitman: Agent 47Rupert Friend and Hannah Ware