Rupert Grint fans are determined to get his latest movie on the big screen - more than 10,000 have signed a petition to gain CHERRYBOMB a distributor.
The Harry Potter actor stars in the risque picture, which sees the 21 year old appear in a number of steamy bedroom sequences.
Despite heavy promotion after its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February (09), producers still haven't found backing from a studio.
Fans of Grint have set up The Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign to promote the film in a bid to convince movie bosses to snap up the picture.
A statement reads, "Many websites that publish features on Cherrybomb are saturated with comments from movie-goers who are eager to see the film. The trailer has captured the attention of both teenagers as well as adults.
"Critics are noticing that Rupert Grint completely shakes off his trademark Ron Weasley persona from the Harry Potter movies. Industry professionals are hailing the great performances by the leading actors, as well as the skillful and impressive direction of the film."