Rupert Grint was shocked to discover a thief had signed him up to multiple dating sites.

The 'Harry Potter' actor recently had his credit card stolen and was alarmed when he was inundated with dozens of letters and emails about his quest for love courtesy of the cheeky crook.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I don't usually care about money that much. But when I had my card taken I cared about that.

''And the guy who did it joined loads of different dating sites. I kept getting post and messages about it all the time.''

The 25-year-old redhead doesn't need any help from online dating sites, however, as he has been seeing a mystery girl since last year.

Rupert admits he doesn't lead an A-list lifestyle and the most famous name he has in his phone address book is 'Bonkers' hitmaker Dizzee Rascal, although they aren't real friends.

He joked: ''I have him down as Dizz in my phonebook. I only ever met him once, so we wouldn't probably be classed as friends.

''And we haven't even been in contact since - but I just like to keep the number in my phone.''