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Lily Allen Live Tweets From Party Attended By Rupert Murdoch And Nigel Farage

Lily Allen Rupert Murdoch

Singer Lily Allen was a guest at a garden party on Sunday afternoon (July 3) which featured an interesting collection of names from UK politics. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, UKIP’s Nigel Farage (who stepped down as party leader this morning) and Conservative MP Liam Fox were all pictured by Allen mingling together, as she live tweeted pics and videos from the party.

Lily AllenLily Allen attended the same party as Rupert Murdoch and Nigel Farage on Sunday.

Allen first tweeted a picture showing Murdoch and Farage talking, with the caption: “I'm at a garden party. Hope I'm not sitting next to Voldemort or Fromage. I might be sick.” She then shared a video of Murdoch, Farage and Fox all sitting eating together.

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Jerry Hall And Rupert Murdoch To Marry At Fleet Street Cathedral

Jerry Hall Rupert Murdoch

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch have set a date and a venue for what’s sure to be one of the most lavish weddings of the year. The couple announced their engagement in January following a whirlwind four month romance, after being introduced in Australia by one of Murdoch's sisters and his niece.

Jerry HallJerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch will marry at a Fleet Street cathedral.

The couple will marry at St Bride's church in London’s Fleet Street, known as the spiritual home of British journalism. Fleet Street was once the center of British journalism with most British national newspapers operating from the area, until Murdoch moved his News International premises to Wapping in the 1980s.

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Jerry Hall And Rupert Murdoch Announce Engagement

Jerry Hall Rupert Murdoch

Former model Jerry Hall and media mogul Rupert Murdoch have formally announced their engagement, after a whirlwind four month romance. The engagement was announced in the Births, Marriages and Deaths page of The Times newspaper, which is owned by Murdoch’s company, News Corporation.

Jerry HallJerry Hall is engaged to Rupert Murdoch.

'Mr Rupert Murdoch, father of Prudence, Elisabeth, Lachlan, James, Grace and Chloe Murdoch, and Miss Jerry Hall, mother of Elizabeth, James, Georgia and Gabriel Jagger, are delighted to announce their engagement,’ the classified read.

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'The Sun' Restores Page 3 Girls

The Sun Rupert Murdoch

Well, don’t we all look a bit silly now? After wide reporting that British tabloid ‘The Sun’ had discontinued its topless ‘Page 3 models’, the paper reintroduced the controversial feature on Thursday after having omitted it for just three days.

It now appears that the Murdoch-owned tabloid has pulled off a media stunt to increase readership and interest in its publication. Despite the paper neither confirming nor denying the end of the feature, it was widely reported by media outlets. On its front page, Thursday’s edition trailed with the pun “we’ve had a mammary lapse”.

Keeley Hazell
Keeley Hazell established herself with the help of 'The Sun's 'Page 3' feature

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"Old Fashioned?" Rupert Murdoch Hints At U-Turn On Page 3 Girls

Rupert Murdoch

Page 3 girls could be replaced by 'beautiful young woman in fashionable clothes' after Rupert Murdoch called his own creation "old-fashioned". The founder of The Sun also opened up a dialogue with his Twitter followers, asking for opinions on the pictures.

Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch could get rid of Page 3

In one tweet, he wrote:  "Page 3 again. Aren't beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes? Your opinions please."

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Video - Jennifer Lawrence Stuns In Blue Velvet At The World Premiere Of 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' - Part 4

Jennifer Lawrence looked breath-taking in blue velvet at the world premiere of 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. The actress, who plays Mystique in the movie, seemed thrilled to see her fans as she signed autographs and high fived several people on the way down the red carpet.

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Rupert Murdoch And Third Wife Reach Divorce Settlement

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch and his third wife Wendi Deng have finally come to a settlement on their divorce.

The pair officially ended their 14 year marriage in a New York courtroom on Wednesday (Nov 20th).

However, the pair did display an amicable approach to one another, they concluded their very expensive divorce battle with a friendly hug.

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Two Weeks Before News Corp. Split, Rupert Murdoch Is Divorcing Wendi Deng

Rupert Murdoch Wendi Deng

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch filed for divorce from his third wife Wendi Deng Murdoch this Thursday. While the announcement came just two weeks before the official separation of News Corp. into two publicly funded companies, following a series of phone tapping scandals, News Corp. has issued a statement that the events in Murdoch’s personal life will not affect the changes in the company.

The News Corp. CEO married Deng in 1999, just weeks after Murdoch divorced his previous wife. But the couple had known each other for a while before that. Murdoch and Deng met while the enterpreneur was visiting News Corp.'s Star TV operations in Hong Kong, where Deng worked as a junior executive at the time. Over the past year the couple, who have two daughters, have been attending a number of events and keeping up the family’s public profile. Their children both attend school in New York and this is where the Murdochs maintain their permanent residence.

However, according to sources close to the family, via the LA Times, the spousal relationship has been steadily deteriorating for the past year. While the divorce won’t in any way affect News Corp. assets, it might affect Rupert Murdoch’s personal bank balance, as his future ex-wife is asking for spousal support and complete coverage of her legal fees, She will also be seeking custody of the children.

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In The Midst Of Business Turmoil, Rupert Murdoch Is Also Divorcing His Wife

Rupert Murdoch

The past two years have been filled with turmoil for Rupert Murdoch and it’s far from over – as his media conglomerate splits into two publicly funded companies, Murdoch himself will be divorcing his wife this summer. Wendi Deng, 44, has been married to the 82-year-old businessman for 13 years. She was born and raised in Australia and has two daughters with Murdoch, who might complicate the divorce proceedings further. Both girls own financial shares in the Murdoch family trust, but not voting shares, unlike the four children the patriarch has from his previous marriages, Forbes reports.

Another dispute could ensue over who would inherit the elder Murdoch’s seat as chairman. After the News Corp scandals of recent years, not only might Rupert Murdoch be forced to withdraw from the business, but his second son, James Murdoch, who was most likely to succeed him, had to interrupt his career. So now, not only is the empire potentially up for grabs, but the illusion of family unity is shattered.

Last year, during a testimony at Parliament, the businessman was saved from a pie in the face by his wife, who bolted to intercept the tin. After that incident, the idea of the Murdoch family’s devotion to one another was bolstered for a while, until reports started coming in of the couple living largely separate, unconnected lives. Apparently the final straw came somewhere along the way.

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Myspace Music App: Justin Timberlake's Latest Rescue Attempt

Justin Timberlake Pharrell Williams Swedish House Mafia Steve Angello Rupert Murdoch

A conglomerate led by pop-singer Justin Timberlake announced yesterday the social networking site Myspace will be releasing a new music app available on Android and Apple.

This is the latest attempt by the site to regain users, lost as a result of the rise of Facebook. The failing company, previously owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, was bought by a group of investors led by Timberlake for $35 million in 2011. 

The site's re-launch has been targeted at music lovers. This announcement is the latest in a series of features which allow artists and fans to communicate more effectively. According to Timberlake, this was a key feature in his decision to invest in Myspace. 

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21st Century Fox? Not For 20th Century Fox Film And TV Studios

Rupert Murdoch

Ever wondered why the 20th Century Fox film studios didn’t change its name to 21st Century Fox when the millenium came around? Ever wondered if they planned to catch up at some point? A report from suggests that there are no plans to change the name of either the 20th Century Fox film studio, or its TV studio for that matter. confirmed the news, despite reporting hours earlier that News Corp would be re-branding its new media and entertainment company as 21st Century Fox, in keeping with the times (another suggested name had been Fox Group).

In the latest update from Deadline, a 20th Century Fox executive told them “the film studio is not changing names or logo” and explains “it’s an 80-year-old brand that stands for something and means something to people.” The executive revealed that if a brand change was to have happened, it would have happened much sooner than now. But it’s long since lost the connection to the century. It’s a brand. It’s something that has lasted. The other company is brand new and begins in the 21st century.”

Rupert Murdoch and his Big Media corporation reportedly have no issues with the studios retaining their name. After all, it’s a globally recognised brand and it would cost a hell of a lot of money to rebrand at this stage.

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes To Reign For Another 4 Years

Rupert Murdoch

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes has secured another 4 years in the role, which will take him right through until 2016, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Ailes, who also oversees the company's 27 television stations, Twentieth Television syndication, MyNetwork TV and the Fox Business Network, had his second term announced Friday (October 19) by News Corp.. "News Corporation today announced that Roger Ailes has signed a new four-year contract to continue serving as Chairman and CEO of Fox News and Chairman of Fox Television Stations. Mr. Ailes, who first joined News Corporation in 1996, will continue to oversee Fox News, Fox Television Stations (FTS), Fox Business Network (FBN), Twentieth Television and MyNetwork TV," said their business like and efficient statement. "He will also continue in his role as a senior advisor to Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on television and news matters," it continued. "It's election season, and the most powerful man in America just ensured himself of four more years in office," wrote Forbes - "a joke, but not by much".

They're right, that joke really wasn't far off. A lot is mooted surrounding the closeness of Murdoch's empire to politicians in America and the U.K, and given the media talent show that is election season, both Romney and Obama will be hoping to keep Ailes and Murdoch on side.

Ofcom Investigation Concludes Sky Not Involved With Murdoch’s Phone Hacking Scandal

Rupert Murdoch

Ofcom have concluded that no evidence has been found to suggest that Sky was in any way linked with the News Corp phone hacking outrage. The British media regulator questioned the satellite broadcasting company’s involvement in the scandal, given that Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp empire held 40 per cent in shares and Murdoch’s son James (who runs the shamed British News Corp newspapers) is the former chairman of Sky. Ofcom concluded that the pay TV company was ‘fit and proper’ to hold their broadcasting licence and made no suggestion that News Corp should relinquish its shares. ‘There is no evidence that Sky was directly or indirectly involved in any of the wrongdoing either admitted or alleged to have taken place at News of the World or The Sun’, they said.

However, they have strongly reprimanded James Murdoch for not choosing to investigate the allegations of criminal activity happening within his company that ultimately brought down British paper News of the World when it was found that they hacked into the voicemails of politicians, celebrities and victims of crime including a murdered school girl and also hacked into computers and made illegal payments to officials. Ofcom described his decision (or lack of) as ‘both difficult to comprehend and ill-judged’.

News Corps response was that they are happy that Sky have been found not guilty of any crime, but opposed the idea that James Murdoch should be criticised for his conduct given that he has been a strong figure in bringing about Sky’s success.

James Murdoch Set For Top Job At Fox Networks Group

Rupert Murdoch

James Murdoch is set to receive responsibility for News Corp’s US television businesses, the Fox Networks Group, reports The Financial Times.

Murdoch Junior - already deputy chief operating officer of News Corp - will now oversee the group, which includes national Fox network and cable channels such as FX and National Geographic. The news comes soon after Britain's media regulator criticised the younger Murdoch for failing to uncover the hacking scandal at his father Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, a debacle that is still being resolved today. This is a controversial step, given Murdoch’s recent failings, and Ofcom - The independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries - had been reviewing whether pay-TV giant BSkyB, was "fit and proper" to hold a broadcasting license in the wake of the recent hacking trial, which claimed British paper, The News of The World in its wake.

In a report, Ofcom said its former chairman James Murdoch "repeatedly fell short" of his responsibilities as executive chairman of News International. "We consider James Murdoch's conduct, including his failure to initiate action on his own account on a number of occasions, to be both difficult to comprehend and ill-judged," it said. In a statement, the company recognised this report: “We are pleased that Ofcom recognises BSkyB as a fit and proper holder of a broadcast licence,” it stated.

Ofcom Investigation Clears Sky Of Phone Hacking Involvement

Rupert Murdoch

An Ofcom investigation has ruled that Sky is “fit and proper” to retain their broadcasting license, The Independent reported today (September 20, 2012). The organization was investigated following the phone hacking scandal, involving Sky’s former chairman James Murdoch and News Corporation, who own 39% of Sky’s shares. The media scandal led to the closure of one of the UK’s major tabloid papers, the News of The World.

The Ofcom report claimed that there was “no evidence” that Sky were in any way involved in the wrongdoings related to the phone hacking; either of the alleged or admitted offenses. Murdoch himself (the son of Rupert Murdoch), however, was on the receiving end of plenty of criticism as a result of the investigation. Though they acknowledge that James may not have been aware of any wrongdoing at the News of the World, he has still been accused of failing to uncover the problems. “We consider James Murdoch's conduct, including his failure to initiate action on his own account on a number of occasions, to be both difficult to comprehend and ill-judged,” the report read.

Since the scandal broke, Murdoch has resigned from his post as chairman of Sky, claiming that he had become a “lightning rod” for bad publicity and wanted to distance Sky from the scandal. He has, however, retained his posts as executive director of BSkyB and executive director of News Corp. Sky, of course, have welcomed the findings of the report and issued a statement to say “As a company, we are committed to high standards of governance and we take our regulatory obligations extremely seriously. As Ofcom acknowledges, our track record of compliance in broadcasting is good."

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