Ever wondered why the 20th Century Fox film studios didn’t change its name to 21st Century Fox when the millenium came around? Ever wondered if they planned to catch up at some point? A report from Deadline.com suggests that there are no plans to change the name of either the 20th Century Fox film studio, or its TV studio for that matter. Deadline.com confirmed the news, despite reporting hours earlier that News Corp would be re-branding its new media and entertainment company as 21st Century Fox, in keeping with the times (another suggested name had been Fox Group).

In the latest update from Deadline, a 20th Century Fox executive told them “the film studio is not changing names or logo” and explains “it’s an 80-year-old brand that stands for something and means something to people.” The executive revealed that if a brand change was to have happened, it would have happened much sooner than now. But it’s long since lost the connection to the century. It’s a brand. It’s something that has lasted. The other company is brand new and begins in the 21st century.”

Rupert Murdoch and his Big Media corporation reportedly have no issues with the studios retaining their name. After all, it’s a globally recognised brand and it would cost a hell of a lot of money to rebrand at this stage.