BSkyB has made a significant purchase, prising independent company Love Productions from the grasp of terrestrial TV channels.

Sky and Love Productions

The deal sees BSkyB own a 70% stake in Love Productions, who came to notoriety when the hugely controversial documentary, ‘Benefits Street’ hit Channel 4, only to be met by a deluge of complaints from the British public. The company recently came under fire for a similar show called Immigration Street, to be set in Southampton's Derby Road and aired by Channel 4 next year.

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But Love Productions are also responsible for The Great British Bake Off, which has proven to be one of the most popular, and least offensive, shows in the U.K over the past 5 years. Hosted by comedy duo Mel and Sue, The Bake Off sees contestants duke it out over cakes, scones and breads to be crowned Bake Off champion at the end of every series – sales of baking equipment tends to see a 600% rise during the show’s run.  

"This is a significant step for our growing international content business. Love is one of the UK's most innovative and creative independent producers with a track record of success across a range of genres, both in the UK and globally,” said Sophie Turner Laing, managing director of content for Sky.

More on the move is expected to be released in due course, like whether the Bake Off will remain on The BBC or move over to one of Sky’s channels, with the latter probably being the case. A recent merger with Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia – which would create a £22 billion European giant with more than 17 million subscribers if approved – indicated Sky’s intentions to become the world’s biggest pay-to-view TV provider.