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Kristen Stewart Discusses Her First Kiss & Robert Pattinson Heartbreak

Kristen Stewart Nicholas Hoult Guy Pearce Robert Pattinson Jennifer Lawrence X-Men Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart’s first kiss was “horrible”, the 25-year-old actor revealed during a recent interview in which she discussed her latest film, Equals. Stewart’s character in Equals shares her first kiss with Nicholas Hoult’s character. During the interview, Stewart shared details of her own first kiss and it doesn’t sound like it was a very pleasant experience!

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart at the premiere of Equals at the TIFF in September 2015.

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Liberty Ross Is Engaged To Record Producer Jimmy Iovine

Liberty Ross Jimmy Iovine Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson U2 Bruce Springsteen Stevie Nicks

Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine are engaged! Representatives for the couple confirmed their happy news to a U.S. entertainment website on Saturday (5th September). They have been dating since for more than two years.

Liberty Ross and Jimmy IovineLiberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine at the LACMA 50th Anniversary Gala Sponsored By Christies in Los Angeles, April 2015.

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Kristen Stewart's Poem For Robert Pattinson Is Truly Bizarre. A Critique.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Rupert Sanders

It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart is often portrated as an angsty soul who bears the weight of the world on her shoulders, but we weren't expecting the 23-year-old to start writing deep poetry!

Kristen Stewart Poem Kristen Stewart's poem was revealed in Marie Claire

We shouldn’t be too hard on her for this, she does have her fair share of problems. The whole cheating scandal was picked up by the world's media and it wasn't very fun for anyone involved.

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Liberty Ross Puts On Brave Face And Talks Kristen Stewart Affair

Liberty Ross Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

It's been more than a year since photographs surfaced of her husband kissing Kristen Stewart and now Liberty Ross has finally found the courage to speak out about her heartbreaking ordeal.

The model's life was thrown into turmoil in 2012 when images emerged of her husband, director Rupert Sanders, enjoying a romantic tryst with actress Stewart who starred in his movie Snow White And The Huntsman. "I have no words to describe what we went through," Liberty told Vanity Fair about her struggles in the relationship following the incident. "It was horrible. It was really the worst."

After it happened, both guilty parties made public apologies - with Kristen mainly aiming it at her then-boyfriend and 'Twilight' co-star Robert Pattinson. However, it wasn't enough for Liberty, who admitted she had to estrange herself for a little while to cope with the pain and media attention and ended up living in a house borrowed by a friend of her brother Atticus along with her children Skyla and Tennyson.

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Lindsay Lohan, Appearing On 'Chelsea Lately', Mocks Kristen Stewart's Paparazzo Outburst

Lindsay Lohan Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart

Lindsay Lohan, whilst filming Chelsea Lately, was back to fighting form - quite literally. The 27-year-old actress may have just left rehab but she's not holding back when it comes to Kristen Stewart

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Scary Movie 5, held at the ArcLight Cinema in L.A.

Last week, Stewart was caught on camera swearing at a TMZ photographer in L.A. Lohan, whilst guest hosting the talk show, felt the need to comment indirectly on Stewart's limited acting range: "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart, you know, finally showed some emotion." Then on the Twilight stars personal life, which included a relationship with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, on which Lohan said: "I will say this, of course she hates photographers, they got a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper."

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Liberty Ross Poses Nude In Photo Shoot Following Divorce From Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Model and actress Liberty Ross has shown her cheating ex-husband Rupert Sanders exactly what he's missing by posing nude in her first post-divorce photo shoot with LOVE... magazine.

Ross filed for divorce from Sanders last month following his affair with his Snow White and the Huntsman star Kristen Stewart, a film that he directed and Ross also starred in. What a way to really stick it to him then by going all the way in a breath-taking shoot for the magazine, something tells us that Sanders may very well be kicking himself right now.

Liberty also applied for joint custody of the couple’s two children, daughter Skyla, 8 and son Tennyson, 6, in the divorce settlement as well as asking for spousal support from her estranged husband, however Rupert has filed a counter suit denying her support and asking for primary custody of the children.

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Kristen Stewart Saga Coming To An End With Liberty Ross Filing For Divorce From Rupert Sanders

Rupert Sanders Liberty Ross Kristen Stewart

That’s what you get when you let your heart win – or, you know, certain other parts – actress Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from Rupert Sanders, following his affair with Kristen Stewart last year.

The announcement came this Friday (January 25) after Ross filed the divorce papers at L.A. Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences”. It is more than clear that the name of those differences starts with a “K” and ends with a “risten Stewart," but that name remained vacant from the divorce papers. According to a report in People Magazine, Sanders filed his counter claim at the same time. Both he and Ross are seeking joint custody over their two children – Tennyson and Skyla - with Ross also claiming spousal support and full coverage of her attorney fees, but naturally, Sanders’s claim is opposed to those details.

The split will probably come as the long awaited end of the Sanders/Stewart affair saga, which started when photos of the young star and the Snow White and the Huntsman director together surfaced. Well, there is of course the matter of Kristen and Robert Pattinson’s will-they-won’t-they relationship, but the people have publicity to gain and films to sell, so we’ll give them a little longer. Meaning, hopefully the shockwaves will stop with this or we may never actually hear the end of it.

Rupert Sanders Sacrificed For Kristen Stewart For Snow White Sequel

Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Robert Pattinson

Luck doesn't quite cover the immense bouts of very good things that happen to Kristen Stewart, nor does Karma, but something is really working on K-Stew's side. 

Last summer photos of Stewart and the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman kissing emerged, which lead to the break up of Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Since then, Pattinson has forgiven her, she's strutted the red carpet for the release of the final instalment of the incredibly successful Twilight Saga series, and now it has been confirmed that she'll be returning as the eponymous heroine in the sequel to the Snow White and the Huntsman, but that Rupert Sanders would not be returning. 

"The script has already been written and production will begin late next year," a source told Radar. "However, Rupert Sanders definitely won't be a part of the project. Rupert didn't want to be a part of it to begin with because he is desperately still trying to save his marriage. The search is still on for a new director." According to the source, Kristen is very worried about her career after the end of Twilight, apparently "There are scripts coming in, but not as many good ones as she would like." Plus, "It's distressing to Kristen that Rob is attached to four separate movies over the next year-and-a-half." She fears that her summertime indiscretion has hurt her career. Of course, it could be that she's a terrible actress and anyone writing a decent script knows it, but who's to say? 

Twilight Saga - Where's The Real Drama? The Movie Premiere Or Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's Love Affair?

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Rupert Sanders Liberty Ross

The phrase "The Twilight Saga" has taken on new meaning over months gone by. What once simply referred to one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, has now become a phrase that cannot be uttered without the off-screen drama of its two biggest stars, springing straight to the forefront of your mind. The final episode in the Twilight movie schedule is almost upon us but how much do we even care about the movie anymore? Does the general public's interest in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 start and end with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's eventful real-life emotional dramas? Or is there still a place in our hearts for the vampire movies that have consumed us (and our money) since 2008?

To recap, in case you are - somehow (though we don't know how this could possibly happen, especially not if you follow the news here at Contact) - unaware of the drama that has occurred between everybody's favourite on-screen / off-screen couple, R-Patz and KStew, Kristen Stewart was ousted as a love cheat earlier this year, when photos of her emerged, revealing that she had had an affair with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. To make matters even more uncomfortable, Kristen had starred alongside Sanders' wife, Liberty Ross, in Snow White and the Huntsman. Liberty played Queen Eleanor. Kristen's mother. Embarrassing stuff for all involved.

Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders Snow White & The HuntsmanRupert Sanders and Liberty Ross The industry screening of 'Snow White & The Huntsman' held at the Mann Village theatre Los Angeles, California

After a very public, emotional apology to her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, Kristen found that her relationship was, by all accounts, over. The tabloid-reading world collectively stepped over the divide and showed its support for Rob, as he reportedly went to ground and hid away in the covert holiday home that belonged to his celebrity pal Reese Witherspoon. Whilst we mourned the end of one of Hollywood's cutest young romances, though, attention slowly started to turn towards the forthcoming Twilight movie. How the hell were the movie's producers going to handle the press junkets if the two lead actors couldn't bear to be in the same room together?

To the grave disappointment of everyone who was secretly (or not so secretly) longing for the exchange of frosty looks on the red carpet, the couple somehow managed to overcome their problems. The fact that Kristen Stewart had utterly, utterly humiliated Rob, very very publicly, in the kind of breakup that not only (presumably) broke Pattinson's heart but probably broke the sales records of a few weekly gossip mags, somehow got swept to one side. It started with Rob saying that he'd still walk the red carpet with Kristen, to protect her from all the nasty booing she was inevitably going to encounter from disgruntled fans and then began to evolve into stories about them overcoming their differences and - goddamnit - getting back together.

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Is Kristen Stewart Back Together With Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Rupert Sanders

The Sun were suggesting it earlier in the week, and now US Weekly seem pretty convinced too: Kristen Stewart has successfully managed to lure back her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in spite of admitting that she'd cheated on him with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders just over two months ago.

A source had told The Sun midweek "They pretty much decided they couldn't live without each other. Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake" adding that the pair had now moved into a secluded pad in Los Angeles together and that "Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake. After a lot of long tearful talks, they've worked it out. Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other."

Us Weekly have now backed these claims up, with a source telling them that the pair have had "a dramatic make-up", the British actor finally acquiescing to requests by Stewart for a meet-up, and that the two have had several since. Pattinson is still in love with Stewart apparently. All of which leads us to believe that the whole thing has been engineered simply as a way drum up promotion and attention on both stars ahead of the release of the final Twilight film. We'll let you decide on that though.

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