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Hello from RushCon, North America's premiere RUSH fan convention!Are You Ready for RushCon 7?We put together a quick and fun online RUSH quiz to see how ready YOUare for RushCon 7! Take the Quiz 2112 T-shirts and Baseball Shirts for SaleThe RushCon Online Store is open! We have shirts from previous RushCon, including the sold-out-at-the-convention RushCon 2112 red t-shirts and white/red baseball shirts. The RushCon Store is the only online location to buy RushCon merchandise. Order today 360 Degrees of RushConRushCon is by and for the fans. When we organizers are busy behindthe scenes, you are out there, making RushCon the fun and excitingevent it is! We've opened the RushCon History Photo Gallery and want to seeRushCon from your point-of-view! To register and learn how you canadd your RushCon photos to our expanding gallery, please e-mail [email protected] mentioned in RoadshowNeil's new book, Roadshow: Landscape with Drums: A Concert Tour byMotorcycle, was released in late September (2006). RushCon, via anencounter with Chris from Sabian (a featuredspeaker at RushCon 4!), is mentioned on page 297.Got an Idea for RushCon 7?Send us your ideas for RushCon 7 using our convenient online form We appreciate the Feedback!If you'd rather find your RushCon information through other sources,such as the official RushCon website http://www.rushcon.orgRushConversations, our fun li'l message board, or RushCon on MySpace then follow the Unsubscribe info at the bottom of this message.Thanks, RUSH on, and see you at RushCon 7!eddyRushCon Multimedia Coordinator

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TORONTO AIRPORT from Florida!!Join us in congratulating Toronto Airport as this years' winner of our Rush Tribute Band contest! They had some really tough competition, but came out on top as this years' performing tribute band, as decided by a panel of judges.Toronto Airport will be performing at a special event to be held on Saturday night, July 15th at the Marquee Events Theater in Downtown Toronto. This event is included in a full RushCon admission (Friday and Saturday full ticket), or you may purchase tickets at the door of the theater that night.Here's a little information about the band, taken from their website at: Bio"Toronto Airport" is a three piece "Rush" Tribute band with a very long history that prides itself on its quality, accuracy, and professionalism when re-creating the "Rush" experience. The three members of "Toronto Airport"; Sean Ghannam (Alex), Reed Hayes (Neil), and Chad Andrew (Geddy), have all been members of successful and established Rush tribute projects.Originally founded in 1992 as "Rushour", the band, which featured Sean and Reed, began booking tribute shows throughout Florida. The band was highly successful and became known for its painstakingly accurate "Rush" tribute performances. In 1994 the band changed it's name from "Rushour" to "2112" and became a national act, touring throughout America. "2112" continued to tour with various member changes until 1998. After a short hiatus "2112" was reformed with Chad in 2001 as "Toronto Airport".The band has performed over 400 shows at outdoor festivals, showcases, nightclubs, and theaters. Most recently, "Toronto Airport" was selected out of bands from all over the United States and Canada to perform for the second year in a row at Rushcon 4, an officially sponsored convention in Toronto Canada for rush fans. Here the band had the honor of performing for some of the most discerning Rush fans in the world. _________________________________________________Don't forget to stop by their MySpace page and throw 'em an add request or give them a shout out!! once again to Toronto Airport! We're looking forward to a great weekend and a lot of fun!See you there!*******************************************Tickets are still available for RushCon... just visit our website at for more details or to order tickets.

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