Fifi Geldof has apparently labelled the British comedian and political activist Russell Brand an “uber-douche extraordinaire” for insensitive comments made at a charity fundraising event.

The 32 year old PR executive, who normally maintains a low profile, is reported to have told the Daily Mail: “Less of a Russell Brand fan than ever after his offensive and highly inappropriate speech at the addiction charity event.”

Russell BrandRussell Brand was called out by Fifi Geldof for "highly inappropriate" jokes made at a charity fundraiser

Brand, 40, was speaking at a charity event for Focus 12, an organisation that focusses on providing help for substance and alcohol addiction. Making a reference to its founder Chip Somers, he quipped: “Chip said, ‘If you don’t stop taking drugs in the next six months you’ll be dead, in a lunatic asylum or in prison’. So I thought: ‘Well, I’ve got five months, three weeks and six days before I have to do anything, f*** that.’”

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Fifi’s sister Peaches died in April 2014 of a heroin overdose, the same fate that befell their mother Paula Yates in 2000. She added that Brand’s controversial comments made him an “unfunny b******”.

Brand, for his part, has frequently lobbied the government to re-examine its policies on drugs, giving evidence to a Home Affairs Select Committee in 2012. “From what I’ve experienced, a lot of people here tonight are on drugs right now,” the activist told the crowd. “It was like an avalanche on the back of my toilet.”

It comes less than a week after the comedian was told by a heckler to “f*** off back to Miliband” at an anti-austerity protest in London. It was also reported that he had to be held back in a VIP section at the rally against government cuts because of his “turncoat” actions in supporting the Labour candidate after having encouraged so many to stay away from polling stations during the recent general election.

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