Last Friday (26Jun15), 38 holidaymakers, including 30 British tourists, were gunned down at a resort in Sousse and they were remembered back home in the U.K. a week later with a minute's silence across the country on Friday (03Jul15).

A number of flags were also flown at half mast and play at iconic tennis tournament Wimbledon in London was delayed as a mark of respect.

However, Brand has sparked a torrent of criticism online by calling the decision to remember the shooting victims "an empty, futile gesture, part of a general policy of bulls**t" in an televised rant.

In the video, which was posted online as part of his Trews news show prior to Friday's (03Jul15) silence, Brand declared, "There's no point in having a minute's silence on Friday - it's a minute of bulls**t... What's the truth behind their terrible Tunisia massacre? On Friday we'll be holding one minute's silence. Does that mean anything or is it just an empty, hollow gesture, part of a general policy of bulls**t, so that our government can continue selling arms around the world and perpetuating a cycle where its own needs are met?...

"If you respect those people (that died) then demand that your Government stops selling arms to countries on its own human rights abuse list, demand that your government stops carrying out foreign wars on behalf of corporations. It will have a lot more impact than a minute's silence."