“Verbal dexterity plus Estuary accent is what leads to parody of...'PARKLIFE'!” Yes today the inevitable has happened, Russell Brand has created his own ‘Parklife’ parody video.

Russell Brand"PARKLIFE", it's Russell Brand

Brand has teamed up with Irish comedians The Rubberbandits for the video, which he released on Youtube as part of his 'The Trews' series.

Dressed in a suit and looking like a much more trendy Phil Daniels, Brand uses his typical verbosity to get back at those who spent most of last week replying to everything he said with ‘PARKLIFE!’

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“Words used efficiently can be dangerous tools that slice through propaganda like a sharp knife,” he says while standing outside a Ford Coupe.

Watch Russell Brand's 'Parklife' parody:

He then goes on to imply that the joke surrounding his way of speaking was classist, suggesting you can only be "polysyllabic and talk about important things if you wear a top hat and tails”. Before the Rubberbandits chime in with ‘ETON’.

But the outspoken comedian also takes aim at Prime Minister David Cameron, who he calls an ‘arse wipe’, the ‘poxy media’ and companies who don't pay their taxes.

Brand ends his musical musings by saying, "oh well, don't take it too seriously, we'll all be dead soon.” Before launching into a rap of sorts featuring phrases such as 'consumer capitalists', 'media mind contro'l and 'economically corrupt'.

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Last week the comedian had said he planned to record a version of Oasis hit ‘Roll with It’ with Noel Gallagher in response to the ‘Parklife’ taunts. Come to think of it, that actually sounds like it could have been a much, much better idea.