Brand has been touring Australia with his stand-up shows, and during his performance in Sydney on Saturday night (24Oct15), he read out a list of social injustices, including the plight of Millers Point residents.

Locals who live in the historic terraced properties in the Sydney community are at risk of losing their homes as part of a government scheme which aims to sell off the houses to developers.

Resident Paddi O'Leary wrote to Brand asking for help, and he was stunned when the comedian agreed to back the campaign to save the houses and even made an impromptu visit to the site.

"I had been trying to get in touch with Russell for a while; I wrote him this long letter about Millers Point asking for his help because I believed he could help our case," O'Leary tells the Sydney Daly Telegraph. "I mentioned in the letter how the people of Australia were so apathetic to this cause and that with your help we might be able change that attitude. People are being evicted from their homes and we are living in a society where the rich just keep on getting richer.

"So I left my phone number and address on the letter and on Saturday afternoon when I came home lo and behold there was a note left in my door (sic) saying that he had come over to chat and wanted to thank me very much for my letters.

"He said he could see how passionate the community was about this and he will do what he can to help... I am going to try and stay in touch with Russell and keep him up to date with the situation."