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The Mummy Review


To launch their new Dark Universe franchise, Universal has taken an approach that mixes murky visuals with exaggerated action. It's certainly nothing like the involving classic monster movies they're trying to reignite, such as the 1932 Boris Karloff classic The Mummy. But this movie has more in common with Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher blockbusters, with added swimming zombies.

Cruise plays Nick, an American army officer and mercenary who with his cohort Vail (Jake Johnson) has just located a long-lost burial site deep in Daesh-controlled Iraq. Somehow, the hot archaeologist Jenny (Annabelle Wallis) arrives immediately to stop him from plundering this tomb. It turns out that the sarcophagus contains the remains of ancient Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who was mummified alive for making a pact with the evil god Set and then murdering her father and brother. Now transported to London, she returns to life with a vengeance, casting a spell on Nick to help reassemble Set's dagger and finish her nefarious plan. So Jenny turns to her deeply unstable boss Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) for help.

There's rather a lot of mythology building going on here, setting things up for the further adventures of Jekyll's secret society, which is trying to deal with ancient evil like a mash-up of Men in Black and Night at the Museum. Without the humour. There are some throwaway gags here and there, but director Alex Kurtzman stages everything with a gloomy sense of foreboding that simply never gains traction. The thin plot seems constructed merely to connect a series of enormous action set-pieces, which are all very well choreographed but never remotely exciting. It doesn't help that everything on-screen has been extravagantly over-designed, with cavernous sets that have been made deliberately dark and sooty. But this leaves the entire movie feeling artificial, random mayhem in fake places.

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Russell Crowe Hits Back At Radio Shock Jock Over Comments About His Weight

Russell Crowe Howard Stern

Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe has hit back at radio presenter Howard Stern after the latter gentleman reportedly criticised the Gladiator actor over his weight. It seems Crowe was alerted to comments made over his physique by a fan and decided he wanted to respond.

Russell CroweRussell Crowe hit back at body shaming comments

Presenter Stern, who hosts his own radio talk show in the US, spoke about the lead of A Beautiful Mind on a recent episode of his programme.

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Azealia Banks Goes To Police After Russell Crowe Hotel Spat

Azealia Banks Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks has filed a police report against Russell Crowe after their spat in Los Angeles over the weekend, which saw the 'Noah' star throw the 'Big Big Beat' singer out of his hotel room in Beverly Hills as tempers flared. She was the plus one of RZA, who was invited to Russell's party after he cast the latter in 'The Man with the Iron Fists' 4 years ago. 

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks files report against Russell Crowe

The discord between Azealia and Russell has extended beyond social media, because now the rapper has gone to the Beverly Hills Police Department with her allegations when she didn't receive an apology from the actor. While her behaviour at Russell's hotel suite party on Sunday (October 16th 2016) was described as 'erratic' by a great many of the guests, in Azealia's version of events her ejection was rather more unceremonious.

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Azealia Banks Accuses Russell Crowe Of Assault After Reported Hotel Altercation

Azealia Banks Russell Crowe

A dispute has flared up between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe, with an incident occurring at the weekend in which Banks was physically ejected from the actor’s hotel suite in Beverly Hills on Saturday night (October 15th).

The oft-controversial 25 year old rapper took to Facebook on Sunday evening, in a post she’s subsequently deleted, to accuse the New Zealand-born actor of assaulting her at a low-key dinner party he was hosting.

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks performing in 2015

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The Nice Guys Review

Very Good

Writer-director Shane Black returns to the comedy-noir vibe of his 2005 hit Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with this riotously funny thriller set in late-1970s Los Angeles. It's an entertaining mix of hilarious action mayhem, slapstick and violence anchored by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, who unexpectedly prove to be a superb comedy double-act.

It's 1977, and private detective Holland (Gosling) is searching for a porn star who was spotted alive after dying in a car crash. His investigation leads him to Amelia (Margaret Qualley), who has hired the thug Jackson (Crowe) to keep people off her tail. After beating up Holland, Jackson realises that maybe they should be working together, as other cases seem to be dovetailing around Amelia's politically powerful mother (Kim Basinger). But now Holland and Jackson are being chased by the legendary assassin John Boy (Matt Bomer). And Holland is having a terrible time keeping his bright 13-year-old daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) from getting involved in this dangerous case.

Gosling and Crowe play Holland and Jackson as a classic comedy duo along the lines of Abbott and Costello or Hope and Crosby: bumbling idiots who somehow manage to save the day due to dumb luck and someone smart looking out for them. In this case, their guardian angel is Holly, and young Aussie actress Rice more than holds her own against these A-list stars. Holly is the only person on-screen who has a clue what's actually going on, and Rice effortlessly walks off with the film, giving a knowing performance that's hugely engaging. The other scene-stealer is Bomer, whose slick, overconfident killer is simply screaming to be taken down a peg or two.

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Russell Crowe Hits Out In Twitter Rant Against Virgin Australia Over Kids' Hoverboard Ban

Russell Crowe

Australian actor Russell Crowe has lashed out on social media at airline Virgin Australia after his children were told that they could not bring their hoverboards on a flight, as they have been deemed to be a fire risk.

The self-balancing motorised hoverboards have been the most in-demand toy this Christmas, despite a mass of safety warnings that many on the market were defective and could cause fires through overheating of the lithium ion batteries while charging. Warnings that appear to have passed the 51 year old by.

Russell CroweRussell Crowe with his youngest son Tennyson in 2015

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The Nice Guys - Green and Red Band Trailer

If you're on the wrong side of the law and looking for someone to send a special kind of 'message', Jackson Healey might just be the man you call. One day his work takes him to the door of Holland March where he leaves his own particular type of message for Holland, a private detective who's currently a little down on his luck.

When an employee of the Department Of Justice finds that her daughter has gone missing, she employs Healey to find her by any means necessary. Out of his depth, Healey calls on the best private eye he knows. Initially very hesitant to work with the guy who only recently sucker punched him, Holland agrees to help find the girl.

As clues are revealed, it looks like Amelia (The missing girl) has somehow become intertwined with the mob who are trying to branch out in LA. As the amateurs hunt down Amelia, the case takes them down dangerous paths they never thought they'd venture down.

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A Week In Movies: Celebrities Turn Out To Collect Awards In Los Angeles And London, Mortdecai Has Three Premieres And New Trailers For Hopkins And Hawke

Julianne Moore Angelina Jolie Jessica Chastain Timothy Spall Miranda Richardson Johnny Depp Ryan Gosling Russell Crowe Jesse Eisenberg

Critics' Choice Movie Awards Julianne Moore

A-list celebrities turned out in Hollywood for the starry Critics' Choice Movie Awards last weekend, including Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Keira Knightley, Ethan Hawke, Rosamund Pike, Michael Keaton, Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard, David Oyelowo, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams and Chris Hemsworth. Jared Leto even matched his outfit to the blue carpet.

Photos - 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium - Part 1

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A Week In News: 'Noah' Conjures A Box Office Miracle, Glastonbury Line-Up Revealed, And 'How I Met Your Mother' Bids Farewell

Russell Crowe Johnny Depp Leslie Mann Kate Upton Cameron Diaz Emma Watson Miley Cyrus Emma Thompson James McAvoy Jack White Kasabian Glastonbury Festival

Noah still

Nice Work, 'Noah': Darren Aronofsky's latest epic, Noah, was released last weekend and managed to triumph at its debut box office with $44 million, despite all the negative publicity regarding religious condemnation and middling reviews. Starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, Noah is based on the well-known Genesis tale but is given a pump of testosterone with the Black Swan director's dramatic CGI marvel. Check out the trailer.

Empire Film Awards: Emma Thompson and James McAvoy were the big winners at this year's Empire Film Awards, taking home trophies in their respective acting categories for Saving Mr. Banks and Filth. Space thriller Gravity and the fantasy sequel The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug were the evening's most-awarded movies with Simon Pegg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sally Hawkins, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Steve Coogan and Margot Robbie also honoured for a smashing year in film. Find the full list of winners here.

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A Week In Movies: Hollywood Legends Hit London, As Do A Trio Of Big Premieres, While New Trailers Promise Tears, Laughs, Thrills And Chills

Tom Cruise The Empire Film Awards Arnold Schwarzenegger Russell Crowe Shailene Woodley Cameron Diaz Tom Hardy Noomi Rapace James Gandolfini Dwayne Johnson Scarlett Johansson

Empire Film Awards 2014 Logo

Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman and Emma Thompson were all on hand for Sunday night's Empire Awards in London, a lively and colourful event with most winners chosen by the magazine's readers. Cruise was named The Legend of Our Lifetime, while Schwarzenegger was crowned The Action Hero of Our Lifetime and Jackman picked up the Empire Icon Award.

There was also a flurry of high-profile premieres in London this past week. Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Ray Winstone walked a watery-style carpet for Noah; Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton were on hand for The Other Woman; and Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet and Theo James dazzled the fans for Divergent.

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'Noah' Set To Storm The UK Box Office As Emma Watson And Co Attend London Premiere

Russell Crowe Emma Watson Jennifer Connelly

It was another glitzy night in London’s Leicester Square last night as the area, so accustomed to Hollywood A-listers, hosted another U.K premiere. It was the stars of 'Noah' waltzing down the red carpet and talking to the press this time ahead of this Friday’s release of Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic.

Noah Russell CroweRussell Crowe stars in 'Noah'

The film stars Russell Crowe as the titular Noah, with Emma Watson playing his adopted daughter Elah. Despite staunch opposition from many religious groups and numerous re-edits from the film’s studio, Aronofsky managed to put out the film he intended, and the critics have been kind, filing reviews to the tune of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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Video - Russell Crowe And Onscreen Wife Jennifer Connelly Snapped At NY Premiere Of 'Noah' - Part 3

Russell Crowe, the leading man of biblical epic 'Noah', is snapped on the red carpet on his arrival at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York for the movie's premiere alongside his onscreen wife Jennifer Connelly who was there with her real life actor husband Paul Bettany.

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Darren Aronofsky Gets It Right: The Critics Don't Sink 'Noah's' Arc

Russell Crowe Darren Aronofsky Emma Watson

With all the hype surrounding Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah – religious groups denouncing it; widespread bans in the Middle East; numerous re-cuts and studio interference – just getting it into cinemas sounded like a big enough challenge. But the Black Swan director, who put his foot down and released the film he intended, is reaping the rewards with some glowing report cards. 

NoahRussell Crowe as the titular Noah

The film sees Russell Crowe play Noah, who sets about building a huge arc to survive the biblical flood coming to offer up punishment to a disobedient and spiteful Man. But the film doesn’t restrict itself to the text; delving into spirituality and action film tropes in equal measure – something the critics have picked up on and praised Aronofsky for. 

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Aronofsky's 'Noah' Is One Of The Most Ridiculous, Magnificent Movies, Ever

Russell Crowe Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky's retelling of the story of Noah was never going to be a straight biblical tale. We knew that after Lionsgate executives began sweating, pushing for a more religious slant and suggesting a Christian rock song for the final moments. Aronofsky - the man behind Black Swan, Pi and The Fountain - has described Noah as the least biblical, biblical story, ever and he's probably right.

NoahRussell Crowe Stars As 'Noah'

The film fails to mention God once and paints Noah - played here by Russell Crowe - as more of an environmentalist. Critics aren't completely blown away, but there's no doubt that Noah is one of the more ambitious and visually spectacular movies in recent years.

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Darren Aronofsky Wants You To Know That 'Noah' Isn't Religious, At All

Darren Aronofsky Russell Crowe Emma Watson

Just to annoy the religious critics of his movie some more, filmmaker and self-professed Darren Aronofsky has called his retelling of the story of Noah, "the least biblical biblical film ever made."

NoahRussell Crowe Plays 'Noah'

Somehow, Aronofksy has made a secular movie about the Biblical figure, painting Noah - played here by Russell Crowe - as an environmentalist in a movie that doesn't mention God once. Not once.  

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Meeting Between Russell Crowe And Pope Francis Was Never On The Agenda

Russell Crowe

Pope Francis’ near-spotless public image lives on, as it has now come out that the Catholic leader did not cancel a planned meeting with Hollywood actor Russell Crowe. Paramount Pictures, the company behind Crowe’s Bible-inspired epic Noah, denied claims that the studio had scheduled a meeting behind him and the Pope.

Russell Crowe, Istanbul
Crowe was never going to have a private meeting with the Pope, because it would "cause a disruption."

“A meeting was never scheduled,” said a Paramount spokesperson, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This was in response to a Variety story on Monday, which ran the headline "Pope Cancels Tentative 'Noah' Meeting With Russell Crowe." The word “tentative” was not in the original headline and was only featured after the studio made the clarification.

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Man Of Steel Enjoys 'Super' Opening Weekend; Scoring +$125 Million At Box Office

Henry Cavill Russell Crowe Amy Adams

Man of Steel may not have won everyone over yet, but the latest Superman adaption still went on to show that the man from Krypton still knows how to pull in a crowd, with the new film collecting a whopping $125.1 million at the box office in it's opening weekend. This figure now makes Man of Steel the top grossing debut in the month of June, and should this success continue then it could be on course to draw over a billion dollars in ticket sales.

The phenomenal takings for the film means that it has already come close to recouping it's suspected $225 million budget, and as well as being to top grossing film in June of all time (beating Toy Story 3's 2010 record of $110.3 million), it is also the top grossing film that any of the movie's stars have appeared in. That includes Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne and even Russell Crowe, as well as any films that Henry Cavill or Amy Adams have appeared in or director Zack Snyder has worked on, not bad for a film that was so routinely given a hard time by critics in the lead-up to the actual release.

Right now, the film looks as though it could make up the entirety of it's budget within another week, although there has been a trend lately that has seen audience number plummet after first week sales and Man of Steel could be the latest to adhere to the trend. Eitherway, the early signs will probably be enough to encourage Warner Bros. that they have another hit or their way and, therefore, should determine whether we'll see another Superman film at some point. It should also go some way towards deciding whether a Justice League film should be made, which we hope happens with every fibre of our bodies.

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Is The 'Man Of Steel' Really The Superhero Movie We've Been Waiting For?

Henry Cavill Michael Shannon Russell Crowe Amy Adams

The Man of Steel is the latest foray onto the big screen from arguably the comic book-world's biggest star; Superman. There is often a sense of anticipation surrounding a new Superman adaptation whenever one is made, but now it seems as though anticipation levels are in over-drive, and with good reason too, as the latest big screen take on the man who wears his underwear on the outside of his trousers has the potential to be one of the biggest comic book movies to date. However that doesn't necessarily mean that the film will be a hit, as this overview will try to explain why the film could be as big a disappointment as Superman Returns.

Watch The Man Of Steel Trailer

There are two names hanging above Man of Steel that seem to indicate big things for the movie: Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Snyder has been lauded since his take on Frank Miller's 300 graphic novel and his work with Supermna is the first time he has had the chance to work with a proper superhero, and he now has the chance to bring something new to the Superman tale, a chance he is sure to take. As tempting as Snyder's name is, the real excitement is surrounding Christopher Nolan, the man who remade Batman and turned comic book movie-making into what it is today, and with the Brit filmaker on hand to write the story for the film, the chance to see a Superman film that retains the dark, seriousness of The Dark Knight shouldn't be one that you would want to pass up too easily. What usually happens when two greats come together though is usually a little underwhelming,a nd with Man of Steel this might be the case again - and the critical reception the film has so far received seems to indicate just that.

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Video - The Cast And Crew Of 'Man Of Steel' Are Interviewed At The UK Premiere By Alex Zane

The cast and crew of 'Man Of Steel' including stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adam, Antje Traue and Russell Crowe, screenwriter David S. Goyer, director Zack Snyder, composer Hans Zimmer and co-producer Christopher Nolan are interviewed on the red carpet at the UK premiere by TV's Alex Zane.

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What’s The Final Word On Superman ‘Man Of Steel’?

Henry Cavill Russell Crowe Diane Lane Michael Shannon Zack Snyder

Today, Friday 14 June 2013, marks the day when the world falls back in love with Superman as the Man of Steel flies into cinemas across the globe as the man in the bright red underpants has been reinvented for the big screen once again and this time we might have a reboot worthy of rivalling the 1970’s movie series. At least, that’s what the movie execs behind the film are hoping for, however the expectations of movie producers is rarely met by audiences and critics and with Man of Steel, we may have another case of a rather disappointing foray into film by the planet Krypton’s most famous son.

On the whole, the critical response to the film has been mostly lukewarm, and only on occasion has a critics staunchly defended the film and said that it is the summer blockbuster we’ve all been waiting for (since The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises at least). After a week of critical response to the film, it currently holds the rather underwhelming 58% on critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, however the film does have a much more appealing 82% approval rate from audience, with a number of people commending the film for being a successful enough spectacle to make the occasional detours into generic blockbuster territory barely discernible. With such a stark contrast between the two percentages, it might leave a few people scratching their heads and wondering whether it will be worth seeing or not, but the only real way to see who has the better opinion of the film would be to go see it yourself.

The overall criticism with the film, it seems, is that the overall spectacle that Zack Snyder has created is too erratic and all-over-the-place, rarely giving the story or development of the characters room to breath. But still, it is a spectacle and one that is still highly entertaining to watch, even if it is pretty hard to follow (think of a smarter version of Transformers).  David Sexton’s review for the London Evening Standard seems to summarize the film pretty competently, saying; “some films make you wish you were 12 again so you could appreciate them as they deserve.”

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Man Of Steel Review


Superman gets the Dark Knight treatment, as Christopher Nolan offers a much grittier, more intensely personal look at the biggest superhero of them all. It's a flawed film that feels far too violent for its own good, but the pungent story holds us in its grip all the way through, cleverly weaving the character's back-story into a series of emotive flashbacks along with massively thrilling action sequences. And along the way there are resonant ethical dilemmas, family issues and pointed political drama.

Some 30 years ago, scientist Jor-El (Crowe) packed his infant son Kal-El into a pod and sent him to Earth to escape certain doom as the planet Krypton imploded after centuries of ecological abuse. This enrages the viciously tenacious General Zod (Shannon) who spends three decades searching for the child. Meanwhile, Kal-El (Cavill) was raised as Clark in Smallville, Kansas, by the Kents (Lane and Costner), who taught him to keep his powers in check. But when he activates a downed Kryptonian ship, he alerts Zod to his whereabouts. And just as nosey journalist Lois Lane (Adams) learns Clark's secret, Zod arrives to launch a full-on attack.

This is a film about internal conflicts, and everyone has to face up to their own desires and responsibilities. Even Zod, whose dedication to his people means that he is willing to wipe out humanity in order to recreate Krypton on Earth. So Kal-El is caught between protecting his adopted planet and being loyal to his birth species. Lois is struggling with keeping a big secret or reporting the news. All of this provides plenty of gristle for the actors to chew on, even if the dilemmas aren't actually that difficult. And even though they sometimes seem consumed by the elaborate sets and costumes.

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Russell Crowe - Man Of Steel Video Interview

Russell Crowe talks about how being a father affected his view on his new movie 'Man Of Steel' and what it was like meeting Henry Cavill again many years after they first met at his school during a promotional interview.

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Man Of Steel - International Trailer

The world is facing the biggest global threat that it has ever come across as the Kryptonian villains General Zod and his assistant Faora attack with vengeance in their hearts searching to destroy a lost member of their race. Clark Kent is a journalist for the Daily Planet, adopted as a baby by a loving Kansas family and, though he has always been aware of his extraordinary powers of strength, speed, flight and not to mention intelligence, he has rarely sought to use them preferring to make an attempt to fit in with the rest of human civilisation. However, when his existence threatens the destruction of mankind, he finds he must embrace his true identity and use it to defend the world that has become his home.

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Man Of Steel - TV Spot

Clark Kent was born on the planet Krypton to two loving parents in the midst of its impending destruction. In a bid to save his life, his parents blast him safely to Earth where he is adopted by a Kansas couple named Martha and Jonathan Kent who raise him as their own son. As he grows older, however, he becomes an outcast having developed extraordinary superpowers that allow him to accomplish great feats of strength. He attempts to conceal his abilities to fit in as a budding journalist for the Daily Planet, but when a threat of galactic proportions threatens to destroy the Earth, he is forced to venture on a path of heroism and become the planet's saviour.

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Man Of Steel Trailer Hits - Will Superman Be The New Dark Knight? [Trailer & Pictures]

Henry Cavill Russell Crowe Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man Of SteelHenry Cavill as Superman in Man Of Steel

This summer will see a new Superman movie, Man of Steel, attempt to supersede the Batman Dark Knight trilogy as king of the comic book movie. No mean feat, but judging by the trailer, it’s got a good chance.

We’re not saying there haven’t been any good superhero films since Batman; the Iron Man franchise is strong, as are The Avengers movies, and The Wolverine is showing promise, but The Dark Knight stands as the saviour of the genre, and set the standards to which other films are judged. This epic trailer for Man of Steel takes us on a journey. From Superman’s journey to earth, to that incident on a bus, to saving humankind from the evil that threatens to destroy it. At 3 minutes, this is a ‘make a coffee’ trailer, so do that and watch. And let us know what you think! Either way, with the Superman movies so far being far from satisfactory, this will be a welcome addition to the franchise.

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Topless Scene Regret For Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay

Jessica Brown-Findlay Will Smith Russell Crowe Matt Bomer

Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay appears to be suffering from a bout of topless scene regret. The 23-year-old actress, who plays Lady Sybil in the ITV drama, went topless for a scene in her first movie 'Albatross' in 2011, though now regrets the decision and wishes she'd have said no.

"To be honest, 'Albatross' was naivety and not knowing that I could say no," Findlay told the Radio Times, "I had no idea what was going to happen and thought I was going to be shot from behind." The scene was far more revealing than Findlay had assumed and her character pulled up her top to prove her age when buying cigarettes at a newsagent. "Hollywood is not for me. I love acting, but I also love London," she reflected.

Findlay announced that she is to leave Downton Abbey earlier this year, in search of a new challenge. "Being afraid and going into the unknown excites me and what scared me more was to keep going and then one day discover it was all I could do and wish I had pushed myself more. I'd prefer to fail and fall flat on my face," she said. One thing's for sure; nude scenes probably aren't on her to-do list.

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Close Encounters Of The Blurred Kind: Russell Crowe Films 'UFO' Footage (Video)

Russell Crowe

Look! In the sky! It's a plane; it's a blur, no wait! It's actually a picture of a 'UFO' taken by Russell Crowe himself! The Oscar winner has posted a movie on YouTube filmed near his home in Sydney that he claims shows an unidentified flying object, with the actor posting the footage on his Twitter soon after.

Crowe and a friend of his had apparently set up a stop motion camera in the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens to capture images of fruit bats, but when they checked the reel they got a little more than was expected. "UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC's Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)" Crowe posted to his Twitter account with the YouTube clip, with the actor adding in a later post, "Canon 5D, No Flash, can't be a lense flare because it moves, camera is fixed."

Unfortunately for Hollywood's latest UFO enthusiast, three grainy shots of a red blur does not constitute as proof of intelligent life making a pit stop on Earth, as many of the Twitter comments agree. Still, Crowe seems pretty sure and was so far posted five Tweets in the space of eight hours about the alleged UFO incident, and yes, for those of you still wondering, there is a place called Woolloomooloo.

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Oscars 2013 – Les Miserables Cast Sang For Their Roles In The Film

Anne Hathaway Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Tom Hooper Les Miserables Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences

Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe are all well-respected actors, who’ve carved out hugely successful careers. But that didn’t mean they got a free pass into Les Miserables – no – they had to audition, and by that we mean sing, like everybody else.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe at the Australian premiere of 'Les Miserables'Tom Hooper at London Fashion Week

Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe (left) and Les Mis Director, Tom Hooper

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Les Miserables - Les Miserables: Highlights From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Album Review

From one end of the internet to the other, review upon review of this collection of Les Miserables songs is cluttered with well-informed opinion. Passionate fans of Schonberg's musical have debated, with fervour, whether or not the omission of songs such as 'Do You Hear The People Sing' has rendered the soundtrack lbum a no-go area, or a forgivable oversight. The well-informed fans, they are cooing over Anne Hathaway. They are open minded about Russell Crowe, though it irks them that other actors could have performed the songs so much better. Many of the reviewers, from one end of the internet to the other, have even performed in this world-famous musical themselves, so they know it inside out, they understand the physical and emotional demands on an actor when it comes to performing these much-loved numbers.

Les Miserables OST - Album Review

Here at, we're doing things a little differently; you can get all the well-informed opinions you like from elsewhere. Our reviewer, it seems, has been holding the fort in some kind of cultural no-man's land for the last few decades and is approaching the Les Miserables soundtrack as a complete 'Les Mis' virgin. Above all else, they are hoping that they will be able to glean all that they need to know about Les Miserables from listening to the soundtrack, so that they can speak confidently about the Oscar-winning movie, come awards day, without actually having to go to the movie theatre.

So, Les Miserables virgin, what have you learned from listening to the soundtrack CD? Do you have a grasp on the basics of the plot, at least?
Frankly, no. I am aware that someone dies, partly because the music got VERY emotional and partly because I had already assumed that that was why they were all so miserable in the first place. Someone steals some silver at some point, there's a confrontation (I know this because there's a song called 'The Confrontation' - handy!) and there's a hearty amount of disagreement going on. You probably could just about follow the story, from the songs, but it's all too easy to get a little bit emotionally caught up in all of the warbling they do. It's no audiobook, I'll tell you that for nothing. It sounds very much like I would expect a hammy musical to sound, but sung by famous people from Hollywood, some of whom are talented vocalists.

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Les Miserables Review


Starting at full-emotion and never wavering for a moment, this huge movie adaptation of the long-running stage musical wears us out with its relentlessly epic approach. OK, so neither the musical nor Victor Hugo's source novel could be accused of being understated, but director Hooper (The King's Speech) never even tries to find a moment of quiet feeling here. The result is thrillingly moving, making the most of the soaring anthems that fill the show. But it's also pretty overwhelming.

The story starts in 1815 as convict Jean Valjean (Jackman) finishes 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread. His parole officer Javert (Crowe) vows to keep an eye on him, but Valjean slips away and, after a redemptive encounter with a priest, eventually reinvents himself as an upstanding businessman. He tries to help fallen woman Fantine (Hathaway), rescuing her daughter Cosette (Allen, then Seyfried) from her greedy foster parents (Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter). Years later, Valjean and Cosette move to Paris, where a young revolutionary (Redmayne) falls for Cosette just as the 1832 student uprisings break out. And Javert is still determined to recapture Valjean.

Hooper maintains the play's operatic style, in which the dialog is sung-through in between the big numbers. And we're talking about massively emotional power ballads here, performed to wrenching effect. Hathaway's one-take rendition of I Dreamed a Dream is the kind of breathtaking scene that wins Oscars. Jackman's voice wavers and cracks beautifully as he holds the story together. Marks delivers a belting version of the soulful On My Own. Redmayne nearly steals the show with his soaring tenor voice and wonderful acting chops. Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter provide some raucously overwrought comical relief. And Crowe gets away with Javert's big musical moments because he has the acting power to back up his oddly thin voice.

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Russell Crowe 'Doesn't Disagree' With Adam Lambert's Les Miserables Criticism

Russell Crowe Adam Lambert Hugh Jackman Amanda Seyfried Anne Hathaway

We could hardly bring ourselves to visit Russell Crowe's Twitter page when first hearing that he'd responded to Adam Lambert's criticism of Les Miserables. We assumed the boisterous Australian would take apart the former American Idol star inch-by-inch, so imagine our surprise when the actor appeared to agree with Lambert.

The singer had initially taken to Twitter after seeing the film, telling his two million followers, "Les Mis: Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers." In fact, his thoughts on the movie mirrored those of the critics, who gave the film generally positive reviews, though nothing out of the ordinary. Lambert added, "I do think it was cool they were singing live - but with that cast, they should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals.The industry will say 'these actors were so brave to attempt singing this score live' but why not cast actors who could actually sound good?" Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried have singing experience, though the likes of Crowe and Anne Hathaway were effectively debuting their singing voices for the first time. Crowe, who plays Javert in the epic based on Victor Hugo's novel, tweeted in response, "I don't disagree with Adam. Sure it could have been sweetened, Tom Hooper wanted it raw and real, that's how it is." MASSIVE anti-climax.

Les Miserables - described by Rolling Stones' Peter Travers as "perfectly marvellous" - is likely to score numerous Oscar nominations in the January 10 announcement. 

Tom Hooper's Les Miserables: Making Something New Out Of The Old

Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway Russell Crowe Tom Hooper

There is always some enormous risk in remaking well loved stories, be they originally films, plays, television series or literature. There will always be hype and there will always be people who prefer the original, think the film ruined the book, consider the remake redundant or those who simply don't like it. Along with all of these risks, movie makers also come across the problem of how to remake something while at once being true to the original and yet also being able to make their own mark on it. Tom Hooper has managed to tread these very lines well with his latest movie, Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

Les Mis was loved even before it was published. Hugo was already a much adored poet and when the first of the five volumes were published in 1862 it had sold out in Paris within two days. With it's award winning and long running musical that has delighted theatre audiences for decades, the popularity Les Miserables has managed not to fade. Speaking to Time, Hooper explained his decision to include the brand new song, 'Suddenly', for Jean Valjean and performed by Hugh Jackman. "There's an inspiring line in the book" he says, "that goes something like... 'The bishop had taught him virtue. Cosette taught him the meaning of love'... these two epiphanies [are] the central transformative moments. The musical nails the first one but the second one is kind of underwritten." Adding, "So I took this wonderful paragraph and asked Claude Michel and Alain Boublil [the writer and lyricist], 'Can you write me a song about what it is like to fall in love with a child, to experience parental love out of nowhere?'" And they did.

So far responses to the song have been fairly positive, despite the mixed reviews it's been receiving, with Time's own review naming Hooper's direction 'bad', while Variety has said it would "have made Victor Hugo proud". Starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baren Cohen and introducing the adorable and talented Isabelle Allen as the young Cosette, Les Miserables will be in cinemas nationwide on January 11th.

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Jokers! Hugh Jackman And Russell Crowe Fool Around At Les Miserables Premiere Down Under

Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Tom Hooper Amanda Seyfried Anne Hathaway Rupert Murdoch

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe entertained the crowds at the Les Miserables premiere in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday (December 20, 2012), laughing and joking while also pretending to race each other down the red-carpet! Tom Hooper's big screen adaptation of the musical based on Victor Hugo's classic novel has received cautious praise from critics, though Jackman's performance in particular came in for specific fanfare.

Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Les MiserablesBrothers in Arms: Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe Light Up The Red Carpet In Sydney, Australia

Speaking to The Australian, Jackman admitted that musicals aren't for everyone, "When it doesn't work, it stinks to high heaven, musical theatre. It can be very phoney. If it's not done well, it doesn't affect you in any way. I think musicals are the Mount Everest of moviemaking - I don't think there's anything more difficult to pull off."

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Has Tom Hooper Soiled 'Les Miserables' With Bad Direction?

Tom Hooper Anne Hathaway Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman

Les Miserables may well score a plethora of Oscars at the Academy Awards in February, though it won't be on the back of critical acclaim. Sure, the movie has received its fair share of strong reviews, though a fairly average 71% on Rotten Tomatoes is enough to suggest that not everyone thinks the big budget project starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe has worked.

Richard Corliss of TIME Magazine was the most biting in his criticism, though directed most of his venom towards director Tom Hooper, who scooped the Oscar of Best Director for The King's Speech a couple of years ago. "Tom Hooper's problem is soiling good projects with bad direction. Even if his Les Misérables wins as many Oscars as The King's Speech did, it's a habit he really needs to correct," he wrote. Ouch. Catherine Shoard of The Guardian seemingly had a terrible experience sitting through the musical-drama, "By the end, you feel like a piñata on the dancefloor: empty, in bits, the victim of prolonged assault by killer pipes," she said. The Village Voice's Scott Foundas had sympathy with the British director, suggesting, "The moist-eyed storybook romanticism of the source material proves resilient to [Hooper's] efforts."

Despite the mixed reviews, Les Miserables has emerged as the second favorite to win the Oscar for Best Picture, though Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is expected to take that honor come 2013.

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Man Of Steel Trailer

Clark Kent is a young reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. He was adopted when he was a child after planetary disaster caused him to be sent down to Earth when his home planet Krypton was destroyed. His adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, brought him up in the rural town of Smallville in Kansas. Throughout his life, his super-abilities isolated him from the rest of the population; he had to make a choice about what kind of man he wanted to become equipped with these powers. Naturally, he transforms himself into the Superman, a new found alter-ego, and uses his astonishing faculties to defend the planet when it comes under attack from an evil force that could prove to be a match for his abilities.

'Man of Steel' is the epic DC comic book movie rebooting the original 'Superman' film series from the 80s. It was directed by the award-winning Zack Snyder ('300', 'Watchmen', 'Sucker Punch') and produced by his wife Deborah Snyder (who co-produced many of his movies) alongside 'The Dark Knight' trilogy producers Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas and Charles Roven. Based upon characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in DC Comics and written by David S. Goyer, 'Man of Steel' was filmed mainly in Plano, Illinois with Chicago and Vancouver as backdrops. It is set for UK release on June 14th 2013. 


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Pictures: Anne Hathaway And Amanda Seyfried's Outfits The Talking Point Of The New York Les Miserables Premiere

Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Sacha Baron Cohen Eddie Redmayne Tom Hooper Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables Premiere

After a more conservative look at the London premiere last week, Anne Hathaway set tongues wagging with this racey number

Props to the main stars of Les Miserables, they're putting in the effort on the film's run of premieres. Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and the rest of the cast were all out in force again at the New York City premiere of the novel adaptation less than a week after they'd ran the red carpet gamut in London. What a difference a continent makes, though; whilst across in the UK Hathaway and the rest of the female cast dressed prettily but conservatively, at the Ziegfield Theatre they held nothing back, both Hathaway and Seyfried causing jaws to drop with their outfits. 

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Anne Hathaway Back To Her Glamourous Self After Les Mis Weight-Loss

Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence Sally Field

Anne Hathaway is back on the town and back to her stylish self after undergoing a massive transformation for her latest role as Fantine in Les Miserables, having been spotted around the nightspots of London shortly after arriving in the city.

Hathaway has made a series of appearances in the English capital since she flew in to promote the new film earlier this week, and it looks as though the actress was more than happy to finally be back on the town following her rigorous weigh-loss campaign for her role in Les Miserables. The actress dropped a further 25lbs from her already slim figure to get ready for her dramatic role as the Fantine, which involves her having to sell her hair and body in order to survive during the French revolution.

Anne and her fellow co-stars, including Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, were in the capital for the world premiere on Wednesday (Dec 5) night, with Anne out for a meal with a male friend the following night looking seriously glamourous once again. Despite having to go down to her super-slim size, the dedication may pay off come February, with bookies making her one of the favourites to take home the Best Actress Oscar next year. That said, she still has stiff competition from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) and Sally Field (Lincoln).

A Week In Movies Feat: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty, Tom Hooper, Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Martin Freeman And More!

Kathryn Bigelow Tom Hooper Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Anne Hathaway Eddie Redmayne Amanda Seyfried Matt Damon Gus Van Sant Martin Freeman Colin Farrell Sam Rockwell Christopher Walken Tina Fey Paul Rudd

Zero Dark Thirty

Awards season kicked off in earnest this week with two major critical bodies - New York Critics and the National Board of Review - both naming the Osama bin Laden raid thriller Zero Dark Thirty as their film of the year. Jessica Chastain stars in the movie, which reunites director Kathryn Bigelow with The Hurt Locker writer Mark Boal. The new trailer promises another exciting, intense military action drama.

Another major awards contender is Tom Hooper's film of the epic musical Les Miserables, with a high-powered cast including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried. All of them attended the glitzy red carpet world premiere in London this week. The film opens in America on Christmas Day, and in Britain in early January.

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The Man With The Iron Fists Review


Rapper-turned-actor-turned-filmmaker RZA is clearly influenced by cohorts Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as he indulges in this crazed pastiche of 1970s kung fu action romps. It's energetic and often quite funny, but far too silly to come together properly, mainly because he never adds any sense of post-modern wit. If the action scenes were more coherent, it at least could have been a guilty pleasure.

In a 19th century Chinese village, an American ex-slave (RZA) is known only as Blacksmith, forging weapons for gang members to raise the money to buy his girlfriend Lady Silk (Chung) from the local brothel's Madam Blossom (Lucy Liu). But their fate is caught up in a battle for power after the patriarch of the Lion clan is murdered and the swaggering Silver Lion (Mann) challenges rightful heir Zen Li (Yune). After a vicious attack by Silver Lion's muscled henchman Brass Body (Bautista), Zen Li is rescued by Blacksmith. And they get help from Englishman Jack Knife (Crowe) to fight Silver Lion and his thugs.

The title refers to something that happens about halfway in, when Blacksmith forges new arms for himself after being attacked by Silver Lion for helping Zen Li. This sets the stage for an orgy of metal-on-metal battling (there are also bronze and copper characters), leading to a clattering showdown between Blacksmith and Brass Body, who for some inexplicable reason can morph his body into, yes, brass. As such a wild fantasy, it's not surprising that the plot makes so little sense, although a bit more genuine character depth would have helped hold our interest.

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At The Movies: Les Miserables Review Roundup

Les Miserables Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Anne Hathaway

To undertake a cinematic reimagining of Les Miserables is to approach the proverbial poisoned chalice with gusto, with added virulent infections and - yes the cliched metaphors are done now - a rounded panning from the public and press, who have enjoyed the stage show and don't look upon change kindly. 

But that hasn't been the case for Tom Hooper, who bravely took the helm to take this iconic stage show onto the big screen. Featuring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, and not to mention the brilliance of violinist Henry Salmon, 2012's Les Mis has enjoyed a positive reaction from a difficult circle of critics to please.

"Not only is Les Miserables a great film," write popular film website, HeyuGuys, "but it is now the textbook example of how to adapt a musical for the screen, all the while maintaining an utterly straight face. Glorious," they add, giving the film an impressive 5/5.

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No Lip-Syncing Here: Anne Hathaway Forced To Sing Live For Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway Tom Hooper Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman

Anne Hathaway and her fellow cast members in Les Miserables were forced to sing live, MTV News have reported. They spoke to the movie’s director, Tom Hooper, who explained that it was of the utmost importance to have the actors singing live, to make the performances believable. The cast agreed, so Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman all had to put their vocal talents on display if they wanted to be part of the film.

“The whole sense that the character is producing the song, rather than the character is following a song, completely changes the medium of the music,” Hooper told MTV. “It's amazing how much more visceral and how much more real it is. I, for one, find lip-syncing; it's always made me find it fake. Even the great musicals, I have to kind of forgive them for miming. It's a real step forward in the form, which we are all really excited to be involved in.” Hathaway reportedly spent four months with a vocal coach before joining the rest of the coach for the nine-week filming schedule and it looks as though her hard work paid off.

The movie version of Les Miserables premiered at New York’s Lincoln Center. The Hollywood Reporter say that although Anne Hathaway’s performance as Fantine is a brief one, she makes an “indelible impression” and already, mutterings of potential Oscar nominations have begun to surface. 

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Russell Crowe Turned Down Wolverine Role (But Recommended Hugh Jackman)

Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Jake Gyllenhaal

Russell Crowe turned down Hugh Jackman's Wolverine part in the X-Men movies, though recommended the Australian star for the role. Crowe had just finished Gladiator and opted to work with Ron Howard on A Beautiful Mind - a film that scooped multiple Oscars including an acting nomination for Crowe.

In an interview with Australian radio station Triple M 104.9FM (via Yahoo), Jackman explained, "Bryan Singer asked Rusty to do Wolverine, and he said, 'Nah mate I've just done 'Gladiator', it's not for me but you should look at this guy..." Luckily, Crowe appeared to be right on the money with his endorsement, as Jackman's portrayal was a huge hit with movie fans. He's since appeared as the clawed mutant three times, with a second X-Men spin-off 'The Wolverine' due out in July 2012. Crowe and Jackman have been good friends for many years, and the X-Men star said, "He's a great guy in every way, I have so much time for him and to watch him work, everyone says he is a great actor, when you actually get to work with someone like that... He's that good when it matters, in that moment, in that close up tough moment, you just sit back and watch you know someone's got that confidence and is going to deliver. I learnt a lot from him."

2013 is likely to be a big year for both stars, with Jackman appearing in the forthcoming musical-drama Les Miserables (as is Crowe) as well as The Wolverine and thriller The Prisoner with Jake Gyllenhaal. Crowe is shooting the fantasy Winter's Tale, Superman flick Man of Steel and his Oscar tipped blockbuster Noah

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Les Miserables Film Given First Screening

Anne Hathaway Tom Hooper Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman

It’s been a long time since a movie musical challenged for an Oscar, yet with the predictions and rumors starting to fly round there are suggestions that one could be in the reckoning to take the main Academy Award for the first time since Chicago triumphed way back in 2002.

In fairness, if Les Miserables was decent it was always going to have a chance; the book was considered one of the finest novels of the 19th century, whilst the musical was one of the most high profile of the last century. Switching it to film though obviously had a huge pressure, and people finally got a chance to see how British filmmaker Tom Hooper had handled that as his film of Les Miserables screened for the first time last Friday (November 23), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No one at the screening, which took place at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, was allowed to give their review of the film. What can be revealed is that Hooper himself was there and addressed the crowd. "I'm grateful that I finished it [the film]... “ he said in a speech, adding “I'm grateful to the thousands of people who have been on this journey, particularly the wonderful cast... and I'm grateful to Victor Hugo (who wrote the novel upon which the Broadway play upon which the film is derived), who unfortunately can't be with us." Starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Helena Bonham Carter among others, the cast certainly has the chops for the Awards season, only time will tell whether the film matches up to the profile.

Has Silver Linings Playbook Got Robert De Niro Back Into Oscars Contention?

Robert De Niro Philip Seymour Hoffman Alan Arkin Bryan Cranston Russell Crowe

David O'Russell's new movie Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, appears to have a one-way ticket to the Oscars ceremony in February. Strong reviews for the movie with an all-star cast means it's likely to be competing for the major prizes in 2013. Lawrence is the massive favorite to win best actress, Cooper will battle Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix for best actor, though could Robert De Niro win his first Academy Award since 1981? (Raging Bull)

De Niro plays the father of Pat Solitano, a former school teacher who loses everything - his house, his job and his wife. Living back home with his parents, (mother played by Jacki Weaver), Pat attempts to rebuild his life and meets the mysterious Tiffany, played by Lawrence. De Niro is superb throughout, and is likely to be nominated for best supporting Actor, though can he go all the way? There's an interesting group of contenders this year, with Philip Seymour Hoffman a shoo-in for a nomination. His L. Ron Hubbard style character in The Master won fierce praise from critics, and the 45-year-old is a favorite of the Academy for sure. Ben Affleck could win best director for Argo, while the movie is the frontrunner for best picture, though it also has a couple of supporting performances worth a shout. Bryan Cranston plays a CIA officer in the political drama and has made a huge name for himself in Hollywood for his performances as Walter White in Breaking Bad - easily one of the finest characters in television drama for years. In the same movie, Alan Arkin also turns in a fine comedic performance with Jon Goodman and, of course, the Little Miss Sunshine actor has had his hands on the supporting actor gong before. Tommy Lee Jones is likely to get a nomination for Lincoln, while Leonardo DiCaprio will be disappointed to not make the shortlist for his turn as the evil Calvin Candie in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained

Outsiders for a shot at the statuette include Javier Bardem for Skyfall, Russell Crowe for Les Miserables and William H Macy for The Sessions. Let's be clear, Philip Seymour Hoffman will take all the beating here, though De Niro's performance will not be ignored by the Academy. His co-star Bradley Cooper said it would be "insane" should he win Best Actor for Silver Linings Playbook and it certainly would be unthinkable for Daniel Day-Lewis not to walk away with that award come February, but best supporting actor? That's not so clear cut.

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Hot Tickets! This Weekend's US Cinema Releases: Flight, Wreck It Ralph, The Man With The Iron Fists, Vamps

Denzel Washington John C Reilly Jack McBrayer RZA Russell Crowe Lucy Liu Eli Roth Robert Rodriguez Alicia Silverstone Krysten Ritter

All eyes are on Flight and Wreck It Ralph this weekend as the main contenders for box office glory. Denzel Washington’s performance in Flight has already sparked whispers of an Oscar nomination from insiders, something that’s always guaranteed to get people fleeing to the movie theaters. However, with much of the East coast of the USA blighted by Hurricane Sandy earlier in the week, the attentions of much of the US public will be elsewhere as people try to recover from the devastation caused there.

Denzel Washington last won an Oscar in 2002, for the crime thriller Training Day. Flight is Washington’s latest stab at the prize. Described on Rotten Tomatoes as an “action packed mystery thriller,” Denzel plays the lead role of the pilot Whip Whitaker, who manages to land a passenger plane after a mid-air catastrophe and saves everyone on board. After being hailed as a hero, it soon becomes clear that something may be amiss with Whitaker and all is not as it seems.

 The critical response to Flight has been largely positive, with Roger Ebert hinting at the power of Denzel’s performance by saying “Not often does a movie character make such a harrowing personal journey that keeps us in deep sympathy all of the way.” High praise indeed from Ebert. In fact, the bulk of the praise for Flight is centered on Washington; Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers surmises “Flight reminds us of what Washington can do when a role hits him with a challenge that would floor a lesser actor. He's a ball of fire, and his detailed, depth-charged, bruisingly true performance will be talked about for years.” Sounds like one not to be missed! Wreck It Ralph might not have ‘Oscar Winner’ stamped all over it but it’s still shaping up to be a strong contender in the popularity stakes this weekend, with only one dissenter failing to give it the thumbs up on Rotten Tomatoes’ round-up of the top critics’ remarks.

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The Show Must Go On? David Letterman Props Up Entertainment Industry During Hurricane Sandy

David Letterman Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart The XX Cat Power Grimes Rufus Wainwright The National Keira Knightley Russell Crowe Will Smith

The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has been making sure that the city's residents were fully prepared for Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York last night. And whilst the majority of New York citizens paid heed, TV presenter David Letterman decided to pay heed instead to that age-old motto from the world of entertainment. "the show must go on!"

According to MTV, Letterman wasn't going to let a minor detail like the biggest storms to ever hit the USA stop him from filming one of his late night chat shows. He did, however, film the episode of The Late Show With David Letterman without the presence of his usual live audience. He may have been prepared to brave the elements to get the show filmed but he wasn't about to let the general public endanger themselves in the process. The same applied to Jimmy Fallon's show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. 

Other shows weren't so lucky. Jimmy Kimmel was forced to cancel one of his tapings in Brooklyn, announcing on Twitter "Though it pains us to do it, JKL from Brooklyn tonight is cancelled. I'm disappointed too, but we want you to be safe." Over at Comedy Central, however, the laughter stopped for the night. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both cancelled the filming for their shows. 

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Russell Crowe Got Old And Fat

Russell Crowe Emma Watson

Yes, photos prove that Russell Crowe has got old and fat since the break down of his marriage. However, his altered appearance isn't due to the emotional strife he has been enduring over the past few months, and instead is in aid of his new movie Noah, in which he plays mankind's saviour amid the Biblical flood. 

The Gladiator has been snapped with a long grey beared and a spare wheel or two around his waist, on set of Dan Aronofsky's upcoming ambitious movie based on Noah, as he builds the ark, and attempts to save two of every species on Earth. Ray Winston, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly will be starring alongside Crowe, as part of the $78m budgeted epic. This update of one of the best loved stories of the Bible is to be set in a more contemporary era, and will be released in 2014, reports the Daily Mail. 

Acknowledging the alteration in appearance, Crowe made light of it in a tweet 'The beard will be gone mid November so, no, I'm not booking Christmas shows #missedopportunity.' Although the star has gained a few pounds he has nevertheless kept up an intense work-out regime, and is generally keeping himself very, very busy since he filed for divorce. The pair's 9 year marriage simply couldn't handle the Hollywood pressure, as once source told the Daily Mail "a showbusiness marriage should still be a two-way street and he has been less behind her career than she has been behind his."

Divorce On The Cards? Russell Crowe And Danielle Spencer Separate

Russell Crowe Danielle Spencer

Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer have separated, Reuters reports today (October 15, 2012).

Although the news has not been officially confirmed by Russell or Danielle, her father, Don Spencer has told the Australian TV station Ten Network that the couple have officially split and that their main priority was their children.

Academy Award-winning actor Crowe and his musician wife Spencer started dating back in 1989, when they co-starred in the film The Crossing. They married in 2003, at Russell’s cattle ranch in New South Wales. They have two sons together, Charles Spencer Crow (b. 2003) and Tennyson Spencer Crowe (b. 2006). The cause of the couple’s split is currently unclear and Danielle’s father didn't give any hints as to what may have prompted the separation. Russell Crowe’s Twitter currently gives no hints as to the situation. Crowe is currently in the United States, filming the biblical epic Noah. Spencer has remained in Sydney with their sons. Though it has widely been acknowledged that Spencer has been responsible for calming Crowe’s notorious temper since they have been together, when she was asked about it, she told the Sydney Morning Herald “All that stuff has nothing to do with me as a person,” when asked about her husband’s fame and reputation.

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Broken City - Trailer Trailer

Billy Taggart is a less than perfect former police officer who is hired by the newly elected mayor of New York City, Nicholas Hostetler, to investigate his wife Emily Barlow's infidelity and find out exactly who she is romantically involved with. When he manages to acquire photographic evidence after following Barlow for Hostetler, he realises that this is a whole bigger thing and Taggart finds himself stuck in a position he can't get out of, where the mayor plans to discredit him in a major set up upon discovering a few smudges on his police record which could be potential harmful to him. However, it seems that the mayor has chosen the wrong cop to pick on as the unrelenting Taggart will stop at nothing to achieve justice and expose Hostetler as the corrupt politician he is.

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Les Miserables Trailer

Jean Valjean was imprisoned in France's Toulin prison for over a decade after stealing a loaf of bread and making several escape attempts. After being paroled, Jean (known as Prisoner 24601) finds himself re-offending and therefore on the run from the uncompromising police inspector Javert who is thoroughly determined to get him back behind bars no matter what. Changing his identity, Jean finds himself at the heart of a revolution known as the June Rebellion in 1832 Paris. Jean eventually becomes a town mayor, while still evading capture, and meets the impoverished Fantine who struggles to care for her illegitimate daughter Cosette. Jean agrees become the child's guardian and brings her up.

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Man Of Steel Trailer

Clark Kent is a young reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. He was adopted when he was a child after planetary disaster caused him to be sent down to Earth when his home planet Krypton was destroyed. His adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, brought him up in the rural town of Smallville in Kansas. Throughout his life, his super-abilities isolated him from the rest of the population; he had to make a choice about what kind of man he wanted to become equipped with these powers. Naturally, he transforms himself into the Superman, a new found alter-ego, and uses his astonishing faculties to defend the planet when it comes under attack from an evil force that could prove to be a match for his abilities.

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Robin Hood Review

Ridley Scott and his usual Oscar-winning crewmates turn the familiar old English legend into a robust, thumping epic. The pacing is a bit uneven, but it keeps us thoroughly engaged.

Robin Longstride (Crowe) fought alongside King Richard (Danny Huston) in the crusades but returned to England under shady circumstances with two of his archer buddies (Grimes and Doyle) and a beefy fighter (Durand). Heading to Nottingham to honour an oath, he meets Sir Walter (von Sydow) and his feisty daughter-in-law Marian (Blanchett), who are being squeezed out of their land by the Sheriff (Macfadyen). But there are bigger problems, as Godfrey (Strong) marauds through the country with an army of French goons, plotting to steal the country from the vain new King John (Isaac).

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American Gangster Review

There's something dead in Denzel Washington's eyes nearly all of the way through Ridley Scott's American Gangster, which takes what should have been a mesmerizing slice of urban historical grit and grinds it into roughly two hours of standard issue cinema. Washington is playing Frank Lucas, a real-life crime boss who for a period lasting from the late 1960s into the following decade, ran Manhattan "from 110th to 155th, river to river." A real slick character who doesn't need to strut his worth on the street, Lucas hates flash like a junkie hates rehab: It reminds him of all he truly is but doesn't want to be. Facing off against him is New Jersey narc Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe), a womanizing tough guy with a short fuse but a heart of gold (aren't they all), who's so clean that when he and his partner come across $1 million in untraceable cash he had the bad manners to turn it all in without taking a single bill for himself. In a big-city police department in the 1970s, boy scout behavior like that will just plain get you killed -- the guy who's not on the take is the guy who could very well sell you down the river when the grand jury comes sniffing around for who is on the take.

Ridley Scott has a good thing going here, tossing these two Hollywood bigshots into the ring and letting them play cops and robbers while he slathers on the period detail with a trowel. There's some serious Superfly outfits (including a godawful $50,000 chinchilla coat that plays a surprisingly key part in a plot twist), a generous helping of soul music, enough fantastic character actors to choke a horse (Idris Elba, Jon Polito, Kevin Corrigan, an incredibly sleazy Josh Brolin, and so on), the specter of Vietnam playing on every television in sight, and the odd enjoyment one gets from watching cops in the pre-militarized, pre-SWAT days take down an apartment with just revolvers, the occasional shotgun, and a sledgehammer to whack down the door. Scott's smart enough to let the story cohere organically and without rush, keeping his main contenders apart for as long as could possibly be borne, making them fully developed characters in their own right and not just developed in opposition to the other. But there's something in this broad and expansive tale that can't quite come together, and it seems to start in Denzel's eyes.

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A Good Year Review

Proper casting can make or break a film. A savvy producer knows not to hire Sylvester Stallone for a Shakespearean tragedy. Successful studio heads understand that the charismatic Will Smith is the wrong choice to play a nebbish wallflower incapable of getting the girl. So someone should have objected to the casting of the versatile but intense Russell Crowe in the lively country lark A Good Year.Nothing against Crowe. The talented actor routinely throws himself at challenging roles and rarely plays the same type twice. He has proven he can do a lot on screen, but Year demonstrates with certainty that devilish wit and boyish charm are not the sharpest weapons in his acting arsenal. Crowe is rugged but hardly warm. George Clooney could have owned this project but he'd probably demand the Coen brothers write and direct it.Instead we get Crowe and his frequent collaborator, Ridley Scott (Gladiator), as they attempt to spin Peter Mayle's beloved novel into a dreamy, male-oriented bit of escapism (a colleague called this Under the Tuscan Sun for men, and he's not far off with that assessment).London stock trader Max Skinner (Crowe) sees things in monetary values and hardly finds time to mourn when his uncle Henry (Albert Finney), a father figure, passes away. Being Henry's only known relative, Max inherits the eccentric entrepreneur's fatigued vineyard in the south of France. The prodigal Max returns with the intention to sell, but Marc Klein's adaptation of Mayle's work conspires to keep the number-cruncher on the estate for a week.Unless Year happens to be your first film experience, you're likely to find the outcome of Max's journey astonishingly predictable, so we're meant to enjoy the picturesque ride through France's heavenly countryside. The exquisite setting dresses up the flat, overdone fable of the workaholic reprogrammed to appreciate the good life. The lazy script takes every generic and dreadfully corny step possible, though I'm unfamiliar with the book and thereby unsure whether to blame Klein or Mayle.Scott, for his part, paces Year with the buoyancy of a comedy but neglects to include any funny lines of dialogue. The movie has a tendency to repeat what it considers jokes. Max sings Lance Armstrong's praises every time he passes a pack of French cyclists. At least three characters overreact when they find scorpions in their bedrooms - how hilarious. And I stopped counting spit takes after I reached five.The highlights in this exaggerated travelogue are few and far between. Feisty and sultry Marion Cotillard holds her own as village hottie Fanny Chenal, Max's main motivation for staying near his chateau. Finney appears in flashbacks and speaks only in bite-sized pearls of wisdom. But Year lulls us to sleep as it wallows in the cultural divide (hey, Ridley, get in line behind Borat and Babel), and it systematically insults the French, the English, and Americans... and all audiences in between.In the end, the scenery's about the only thing worth appreciating in this mediocre Year.And my suit... you like?

Cinderella Man Review

Tickets to Ron Howard's period boxing drama Cinderella Man should come with bootstraps. That way we literally could join the film's heavyweight hero, dutifully played by Russell Crowe, as he sifts through the wreckage left by bill collectors and broken bones to climb his way out of Dickens-level poverty and see the light at the end of his personal tunnel of despair.

American audiences adore underdog stories, particularly those tied to sports. From Rocky to Seabiscuit, we devour worthy longshots given a chance to reclaim such precious commodities as pride, significance, or the undying love of family. That, and anything with Darth Vader in it.

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Proof Of Life Review

Good films are hard to find these days. Great films are beyond rare. Proof of Life, Russell Crowe's one-two punch of a deft kidnap and rescue thriller, is one of those rare gems. A taut drama laced with strong and subtle acting, an intelligent script, and masterful directing, together it delivers something virtually unheard of in the film industry these days, genuine motivation in a story that rings true.

Consider the strange coincidence of Russell Crowe's character in Proof of Life making the moves on a distraught wife played by Meg Ryan's character in the film -- all while the real Russell Crowe was hitching up with married woman Meg Ryan in the outside world. I haven't seen this much chemistry between actors since McQueen and MacGraw teamed up in Peckinpah's masterpiece, The Getaway.

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Texas: 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts Review

It would be easy to dismiss Texas as another vanity project for Russell Crowe, and in large part, that's what this documentary is. Chronicling his band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (aka TOFOG) as they tour to Austin, Texas (and apprently nowhere else), this is a concert movie the likes of which we've never seen before. Keanu Reeves doesn't get this nearly kind of attention for Dogstar, but somehow Crowe is a sensation.

At least among middle-aged women. Say what you will about TOFOG's music (I found it reasonably good, if not terribly original, but what do I know?), it's pretty clear that the TOFOG fan base is women smitten with a rock star they fell in love with in Gladiator and who comes from their own generation.

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A Beautiful Mind Review

I hate math. I've always hated math. It gives me a pounding headache. It would take a miracle to convince me of its value. But A Beautiful Mind has accomplished the impossible; after watching the film, I have a new appreciation for math as an art, and for mathematicians as artists.

Seldom do movies contain enough power to influence or change our convictions. Through enormously convincing performances, a masterful screenplay, and aggressive direction, this movie takes us on an extraordinary journey into the mind of a fascinating character, providing insight on its unique subject. Move over Good Will Hunting, here comes the ultimate movie about a math wiz!

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Mystery, Alaska Review


"Mystery, Alaska" is a modern, good old-fashioned, American feel-good movie, about a talented hockey team in a snowbound, Arctic Circle hamlet that gets to take on the New York Rangers in an NHL publicity stunt.

It's an obliging tweak on the traditional, triumphant underdog story, used as a backdrop for a delightful character dramedy that mixes tried-and-true with mordant-and-new -- like a frozen, Frank Capra-meets-Robert Altman, ensemble sports movie.

Written by Sean O'Byrne and David E. Kelley ("The Practice," "Ally McBeal," "Lake Placid"), and directed by Jay Roach (the "Austin Powers" movies), it's hard to not get caught up in the energetic spirit of this film from the opening shot, which zooms in on a lone figure, decked out in hockey gear and skating like the wind around icy Alaskan vistas while the soundtrack pumps with drum-driven, inspired determination music.

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Russell Crowe Masters Command Of The Violin

Russell Crowe

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe was so committed to the authenticity of his latest film, that he hired a top violin player to teach him the basics for a scene where he plays the instrument. Crowe portrays Captain Jack Aubrey in 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World', based on a series of novels by Patrick O'Brian. Captain Aubrey is characterised as a proficient violin player throughout the Napoleonic adventure series, and Crowe decided that he didn't want to have the scene unless he could successfully play the instrument. In order to keep the scene in the film, Crowe enlisted the help of Richard Tognetti - one of the highest regarded Australian violinists. 

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Crowe explained the thought process behind his decision, saying: "I said to myself, 'You're not allowed to pretend that you're a violinist. Richard is the director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and we've become friends, so I asked him to be my violin teacher. It was a very long process and very strange things happened. I used to put my violin down after 45 minutes of rehearsing and I'd feel very lightheaded and euphoric and I thought that's amazing that it makes you feel like this."

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