Russell Crowe ''accepts'' he is ageing.

The 'Gladiator' star isn't too worried about getting older and thinks a ''certain percentage'' of those in Hollywood are too obsessed with ''vanity''.

He said: ''There's a certain percentage of vanity that is unhealthy in my business and it affects both sexes. You see it with the men, dying their hair into their sixties pretending they don't have grey hair, or having plastic surgery and using sun lamps.

''I'm not that guy. I'm totally happy - well, you're never totally happy with ageing - but you accept it. You understand that you do age but there are roles for any age if you're prepared to play them.''

The 50-year-old actor recently caused furor when he made comments about woman in the film industry but has clarified he was referring to himself.

He added: ''I was asked a question that I turned on to myself. I said that, at 35, I was in 'Gladiator'. Now I'm 50, I'm not looking to be in 'Gladiator' anymore. I'm living in my own skin, playing roles that suit the age I'm at.''

And whilst Russell insists there are roles out there for actors and actresses of any age, he does admit it is ''harder'' to find work when you are older.

He shared to The Sunday Times magazine: ''It changes. There aren't as many roles at 50 that you're suitable for, so you've got to work harder.

''That's the thing some people forget; they reach a level of stardom and think it's going to stay that way. They think it's an absolute and it's not.''