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Russell Simmons' Rape Accuser Drops Lawsuit

Russell Simmons

A filmmaker who accused music mogul Russell Simmons of raping her in 2016 has dropped the $5 million lawsuit she filed earlier this year.

Documentary filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik filed the lawsuit back in January this year, seeking $5 million in compensation, alleging that two year ago Simmons had invited her to his house in Los Angeles on Doheny Drive. She claims he physically overpowered her when she refused sex.

Jarosik repeated the claims in a subsequent interview on ‘Megyn Kelly Today’, and also alleged that the Def Jam label co-founder had sexually assaulted her at his office in 2011. That second claim, however, falls outside the statute of limitations.

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Russell Simmons Accused Of Rape In $5 Million Lawsuit

Russell Simmons

Embattled former record label owner Russell Simmons has been hit with a new $5 million lawsuit brought by a woman who is claiming that he raped her while at his home in 2016.

A report from Billboard on Wednesday night (January 24th) says that up-and-coming filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik filed the lawsuit the same day in the U.S. District Court in Central California. It claims that she met Simmons in New York in 2006, where they became friends through shared interests like yoga and meditation, and Simmons apparently promised to help her make her way in the film industry.

A decade later, Jarosik says she was invited to Simmons’ house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles where he asked her if she wanted to have sex. She refused, but Simmons allegedly became aggressive and pushed her onto his bed.

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Russell Simmons - Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822's 8th Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala & Tournament at Sunset Tower Hotel - West Hollywood, California, United States - Friday 20th February 2015

Russell Simmons - The National Basketball Players Association's Exclusive 2015 All-Star Player's Social Event Presented By BET Networks and Hosted by Puff Daddy Combs at Capitale - NYC, New York, United States - Monday 16th February 2015

Video - Lee Pace Makes His Arrival At 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' New York Premiere - Part 1

Celebrities from all corners of the showbiz world were seen arriving at the star-studded event that was the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' New York premiere. Among them was Lee Pace, who stars as primary antagonist Ronan the Accuser in the new Marvel flick.

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Video - Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton And Leslie Mann Turned Heads At 'The Other Woman' NY Screening

Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann were strikingly dressed as they arrived outside the New York screening for their girl power comedy 'The Other Woman' in which they star as three women who are unwittingly dating the same cheating boyfriend.

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Harriet Tubman "Sex Tape" Deleted By Russell Simmons After Outrage

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons has ruffled some serious feathers after he posted a Harriet Tubman "sex tape" spoof on his YouTube channel. The hip hop record mogul has apologised after the clip, intended to be funny, caused offence and sparked outrage from those who believe the video desecrates the important historical figure's memory.

Harriet Tubman was a key black abolitionist during the American Civil War of the 19th century. She escaped from slavery herself then helped over 300 other slaves escape using a network of safe houses known as the "underground railroad."

The clip features YouTube actress Shanna Malcolm as Tubman who has extravagant sex with her white master in order to blackmail him into letting her use the underground railroad to facilitate the freedom of slaves. The beginning of the video shows "Tubman" negotiating with another slave, and assuring him that her plan is a good one: "Are you sure this gon' work, Ms. Harriet?," the slave asks. "This our only chance to getting freedoms," she replies.

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Jay Z Illuminati Links: Are They True?

Jay Z Kesha Russell Simmons

Are Jay Z’s Illuminati links true? Life is pretty sweet for the multi-million selling rapper, successful entrepreneur and husband of one of pop’s most successful woman, Beyonce. Jay Z’s net worth is getting up towards $500 million, the positivity of his press is at an all-time high, this is a man who's getting richer and more popular as life goes on. Things seem sweet, alright – but are they too sweet? When the rapper turned up to the Grammys wearing a great big diamond ring that, according to the site Media Take Out, bore all the hallmarks of designs worn by those in the Illuminati, alarm bells started ringing – or at least they did for the tin hat wearers and conspiracy nuts.

Just in case you weren’t aware of what the Illuminati was for some reason, it’s generally regarded as a secret society that for a long time has called the shots of what goes on in the world – no matter what appears to be going on on the surface. Jay Z is far from the only celebrity to have been linked with the supposedly ancient organization, in fact it seems that many are viewed as making their way to the top with a helping hand along the way. Just last year Ke$ha’s Die Young video was purported to have contained Illuminati imagery, with the star dancing around it. Russell Simmons is another character who last year was challenged on whether he was in the secret society. His reply to TMZ - "Are you kidding me? I'm a grown f*cking man!" – should have shut the doubters up. Except no one who was actually in The Illuminati would admit they were in it of course! You can see how the cycle goes, and how people are aligned to it by others whether it’s real or not.

Ke$ha's 'Die Young' - is she in the illuminati?

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Demi Moore Still Knows How To Party Like It's 19...89?

Demi Moore Will Ferrell Pharrell Williams Stephen Dorff Naomi Campbell Jeremy Piven Russell Simmons

Demi Moore is saying to all those women who've reached half a century on this earth: go out and have a good time while you still can. And all you naysayers out there who say she shouldn't, well, shut up.

She went out for a wild one in Miami at beachside barbecue, and was joined by Lenny Kravitz and Stacy Kiebler, amongst other cool friends. Her reported toy boy - art dealer Vito Schnabel, the 26-year-old son of artist and director Julian Schnabel - was also there to roll back the years (for her anyway). She was snapped by paps at the venue grinding around in her seat, but she didn't exactly make it difficult for the photo hungry freelancers and general public, as she gamely posed for pics at the reveller's delights. "She is definitely more down to party than Vito," an eyewitness told E! News, saying the two are definitely a couple. According to that source, the two were publicly making out at the event. The party at Miami's Soho Beach House was apparently sponsored by Chanel for, and Will Ferrell, Stephen Dorff, Russell Simmons, Pharrell Williams,Naomi Campbell, Jeremy Piven and Adriana Lima were among other faces in the crowd.

Moore has come under some stick recently for dating someone just over half her age, and, the fact that her 24 year old daughter was snuggled up in bed cuddling one of her favourite pooches, has seemed to direct a lot of abuse to her for going out and having fun. We at Contact Music say go for it, sister. 

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Lil Reese In Viral Video Abuse Scandal

Russell Simmons

Lil Reese's reputation has split in two after a viral video sees him brutally abusing a woman; some have blasted him, as beating up humans is basically wrong, and some have found it funny. Most adhered to the former. 

The rapper, who is signed to Dem Jam Records, was allegedly captured on mobile phone footage arguing with a young woman, before things turned physical, and not in the Olivia Newton John way. The video shows the man and woman slapping each other, before the man, allegedly Lil Reese, beats the woman in a series of frenzied blows, before kicking and stamping on her. Reese took to micro blogging site Twitter to air his grievances, which make little sense: "The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh-- from years ago damnn we winnin it's 2 late...#3hunna," he wrote, presumably trying to imply that it was a long time ago, and bemoan the will of others to see him fail. Now that was only 111 characters; come on Lil Reese! Thought you were supposed to be a wordsmith!

Chicago Police are not actively investigating the beating because they don't know who the victim is, when the incident occurred or where, according to a police source, reports the Chicago Sun Times. They have, however, saved a version in the event it becomes an issue later. 

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Thanks For The Support: P Diddy Reassures Fans After Car Crash

Sean Combs Russell Simmons

P Diddy has sent a reassuring message to his fans, following Wednesday’s car crash (October 24, 2012) in Beverly Hills.

A spokesperson for Diddy issued a statement to MTV News, confirming that he’s receiving treatment, following the accident, in which a Lexus turned in front of the hip-hop star’s Cadillac Escalade.

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Russell Simmons - Russell Simmons and Guest Tuesday 21st August 2012 For A Good Time, Call...' premiere at Regal Union Square

Russell Simmons

Chris Daughtry and Russell Simmons Monday 16th July 2012 'The Dark Knight Rises' New York Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater - Arrivals

Chris Daughtry and Russell Simmons

Video - Sarah Jessica Parker, Russell Simmons And Karl Lagerfeld Attend Gordon Parks Centennial Gala

Attendees at the Gordon Parks Centennial Gala at the Museum of Modern Art in New York included multi-millionaire co-founder of the Def Jam record label Russell Simmons with model Teresa Lourenco, Gordon Parks' daughter Leslie, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, 'Sex and the City' actress Sarah Jessica Parker, news anchor Anderson Cooper and photographer Peter Beard with his wife Nejma.

The event was to commemorate the centennial of the birth of legendary photographer, writer and film director Gordon Parks. The evening raised around $600,000 towards the Gordon Parks Foundation - an organisation that preserves the work of Parks and make it available to the public through exhibitions, texts and media

Russell Simmons - Kara Walker and Russell Simmons New York City, USA - Russell Simmons' 12th Annual Art For Life East Hampton Benefit Saturday 30th July 2011

Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons

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