The Def Jam records co-founder branded the politician a "punk" and a "b**ch" during a heated discussion on U.S. radio station Hot 97 in which he accused de Blasio of failing to push through police reforms in the Big Apple.

Simmons subsequently took to to make amends for his remarks, writing, "Hip-hop radio / language is expressive. Comes across overzealous on conservative blogs. Apologising to mayor for my language."

De Blasio later accepted the apology during a radio chat, and Simmons added, "I appreciate Bill de Blasio accepting my apology. I know we both want NYC to be the national leader in reforming our criminal justice system."

The rap mogul also confirmed he has spoken to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo about his concerns regarding New York's policing, which was put under the spotlight last year (14) when a grand jury failed to indict an officer over the death of Eric Garner shortly after an arrest.